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Volunteering your time is one of the best ways to help animals. Whether you walk the dogs at the shelter or donate a day to run the thrift shop or help with a fundraiser, you can make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected animals. When you give the animals the gift of your time, you'll get back as much as you give -- maybe even more! Please help us help them.

Check out some of the opportunities we have available for our volunteers!


Thrift Shop Volunteers Needed!

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Shelter Chores Volunteer

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the daily operation of caring for the shelter animals.  The shelter chores volunteer will assist animal care staff with various tasks that may include cleaning living areas of the animals, laundry, and possibly organizing materials necessary for animal care.  While this is not something we need volunteers for on a daily basis, we often send out requests for help when we have large amounts of animals come in from cruelty cases or feral colonies. This is a great hands-on opportunity for any college student going into an animal based field of study.

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Meet and Greet Volunteer

Our meet and greet volunteers are invaluable!  These volunteers help to represent MHF at various locations throughout our community.  Some locations include Wylie Wagg in Middleburg, Petsmart in Gainesville, and Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplane, VA.  Meet and greet volunteers get to spend a long afternoon with a great group of shelter animals.  They will raise awareness and educate interested families on our adoption procedures and encourage them to fill out our online application.  It is always a great time to get know the animals, other volunteers, and chat with animal lovers interested in adopting!  If you are a people person who loves animals this may be the opportunity for you!

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Fundraising Volunteer

Our fundraising volunteers are a jack of all trades.  They assist the staff in many different ways throughout fundraising events because each event is different!  We host a black tie dinner/dance affair as well as more casual events, so there is something for everyone!  Some volunteer tasks may include setting up display tables, occupying our info booth, walking dogs during cocktail hours, managing merchandise sales, and many other activities!  Flexibility and willingness are key for these volunteers!

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Canine/Feline TLC

This is one of the most important volunteer positions at MHF.  TLC volunteers assist staff in meeting the physical, mental, and social needs of all the animals here at MHF.  All TLC volunteers attend an orientation, basic training, and behavioral training session so that they are confident and armed with many skills to help our animals reach their fullest potential.  Our TLC volunteers help us give our animals all the attention they deserve!

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Food Drive Volunteer

Our food drive volunteers help us gather the many supplies needed to run and maintain an animal shelter every day.  Food drive volunteers will set up a small booth in front of a designated location for a specified period of time.  They will politely hand out supply lists and encourage people to donate food and supply items.  This is a great opportunity for parents and children to volunteer together for a good cause!

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Transport Volunteer

Our transport volunteers help us get our animals from place to place!  We use local area vets to do many medical procedures and surgeries, but sometimes we have to travel up to an hour away for appointments.  That is where you come in!  We have two shelter vehicles for transportation purposes, but you are welcome to take your own vehicle if it is large enough to transport all the animals on the trip.  We break our drives up into AM and PM drives.  Most AM drives leave between 8:15am and 10am to drop the animals off and  the PM driver usually picks up the animals between 3pm-6pm.  Most drives occur during the week, as this is when most vet offices are open.  You must have a valid driver's license in order to help us with this activity.  We are always looking for flexible, dependable volunteers to help us with transportation!

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Feral Cat Program Assistant

Please note-Our TNR program is temporarily suspended until further notice.

Our Feral Cat Coordinator is one of the busiest members of our staff and needs your help!  Feral cat assistants will be taught everything they need to know about feral cats.  We will instruct volunteers in setting humane cat traps and educate them in safety when working around these creatures.  Feral cats are a huge challenge in our community and everywhere!  This is a great position to get involved and learn a lot in the process.  These volunteers will help to set, check, and transport cats throughout the trapping process.  This is a job for folks who are dedicated and always up for a challenge!

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Foster Care Provider

Fostering can be one of the most challenging volunteer opportunities, but it is also one of the most rewarding!  Our foster families are guided by our Licensed Vet Tech, Volunteer Coordinator, and our Certified Animal Trainer on the many aspects of caring for a shelter animal.  All animals have basic needs that must be met, but many of our shelter animals may have special needs and requirements.  It is the foster families job to encourage them socially, physically, and mentally to give them the best possible chance for adoption.  All volunteers interested in fostering for MHF, should contact our adoption coordinator, Katie at adoptions@middleburghumane.org.

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