Love Stories

Adopted MHF Animals in Their Forever Homes

One of the highlights of being a part of the MHF team is watching the transformation of the animals that come through the shelter.  We LOVE to hear from our Adopters. It truly makes our day when we get letters and pictures from the wonderful families who are sharing their homes with one of our rescued four-legged (sometimes three-legged) friends! Please share your story with us!

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March 10, 2017


My Miley girl was from the Phoenix puppies. I just wanted to let you guys know that she has been an absolute blessing in my life and is more than just a dog she's my best friend. Miley and I do everything we possibly can together. We enjoy being outdoors together and taking long walks on trails. She also enjoys the water and playing in the creek. She loves riding in the car and is the best snuggle buddy anyone could ask for. She is the most fun, loving, energetic and obedient dog ever! She is spoiled beyond words but I wouldn't have it any other way!


Thank you guys so much for rescuing her!




March 4, 2017


Jeffery and his BFF, Marco (also an MHF grad), enjoying each other's company in the sun. Happy piggies!



We found Bingo dumped on the side of a highway in February of 2009. He was starving, cold, in terrible shape and very scared. After many months of rehab, Bingo flourished at the shelter. He had a friendly attitude but never showed well for potential adopters because he was very uninterested in most new people, didn’t get along with other animals, and loved to mark everything (including people). Thanks to our volunteers he went through many training sessions, and after a full year, he finally found his soul mate mom at our PetSmart Meet & Greet. It was love at first sight for both of them.

8 years later…

Bing has been called to ac-tive duty! He recently left for California to work as a Search and Rescue dog! Bing is a hardworking man who was trained by his mom Taz, a certified Rescue Spe-cialist. She adopted him to give him this job! We want to wish them both luck in their endeavor while they are away. We love you Bing and look forward to seeing you again soon!


January 10, 2017


Judy and Custus enjoying the snow

January 3, 2017


Good morning and Happy New Year!!


Just wanted to send a few photos of Sadie and Sophia.  They both loved having a Christmas tree - Sophie even climbed up about three feet!  Christmas was fun for both kitties...they had a great time playing in the wrapping paper pile and meeting my Mom and sister.  They are growing bigger every day, and as you can see they love snuggling together for their naps.  I really wish I could be a stay at home cat mom!


Wishing you all good health and happiness in 2017!



January 2, 2017


Parker is in love with his kids. For the first night they all slept together as both kids wanted Parker. We had to compromise. He immediately made his way to their feet and cuddled in. He hasn't stopped purring! He loves the kids stuffed animals too! Thank you again for letting him join our family.



December 12, 2016



December 12, 2016


Judy aka Queen of the Couch

December 11, 2016


Happy Holidays to everybody at MHF.

The kitties are all great, no issues at all! Now that it’s getting cooler they are getting back into habit of sleeping under covers.


Hope you are doing well, looking forward to MHF moving into new digs..


Best for 2017,


Hans and Julie


December 6, 2016


My miniature poodle from the MHF this past July, originally named JJ, is now called Fonda (after the exercise guru and actress) due to how she stretches. Anyway, she is such a wonderful, well-behaved girl. I don't know how I have lived all these years without her. She is virtually house trained, loves to eat, sleep next to me at night and run around on my 5 1/2 acres. Although, she doesn't care much for car rides as she gets sick. She is quite spoiled and is now the love of my life, along with the cat. There is not a day that I can't wait to get home to see her and to have a warm welcome and laugh. She has made my life complete!





November 30, 2016


Callie and her adopters, Tyler and Emily

November 27, 2016


Charlie and his adopter Carlee!


October 27, 2016


My MHF cerebella hyperplasia cats are very loving, sweet kitties.  Duncan, of course, plays the big bad boy at times, chasing the girls - especially Trudi, the white cat on the bed with Amber, but it is all in fun.  They go everywhere in the house and are such good cats.  I am so happy MH suggested that I take Amber along with Duncan (I know their names were different when I adopted them).  The vet is so pleased with them and all their progress.  They are quite strong now with their hind legs.  I bought a $700 wooden gate from Frontgate to try and keep them from climbing the hardwood steps but they found a way around it no matter what I did so it is surplus now.  They go up and down at will carefully following the stairwall and they do not fall.  I hope MHF remembers them and that you are pleased with what great cats they are!!  And they will send a donation to MHF at Christmas, as usual.



October 19, 2016


I just wanted to send a couple of pictures of Billie and Frankie, who we adopted from you. Billie almost 13 years ago and Frankie 4 or 5 years ago.


October 13, 2016


Hi Katie and Team!


Just giving you a update on Jack and Xena which we now call Nola.  Both are really enjoying each other's company. Mummy perilous cat Lucy is slowly getting use to the two newbies. She use to hiss but no longer does and allows Nola to lay next to her for afternoon naps. I want to thank you guys for allowing us to have these two cuties.


Enjoying some bed snuggles


September 22, 2016


I was born sometime early 2014 but I came to life March 22, 2016 when I was adopted by my mom and dad! I have learned so much in 6 months, mostly about love. I still have to remind myself where all the treats are I keep hiding because the supply is endless!

My dad makes sure I am never alone. He takes me on trips with him whenever possible so I don't have to be home by myself. He even let's me sleep with him!

My mom buys me all kinds of toys and teaches me tricks so I get even MORE treats. And the belly rubs from both my parents are heavenly!

I ride on the golf cart when I'm tired and run along side sometimes just to run off energy. I can catch a frisbee on a good day and I love to play tug of war with any of my many toys. Life is so good now I can't remember anything else before I came to my furever home.


Luna Belle Levis


September 21, 2016


We have Tigerlilly aka Bailey aka Pup Dogs. She has been the best dog we could ask for. Super sweet, fun loving and likes to snuggle. She loves to take her toys outside to play and sometimes hide and bury them. She also loves sleeping in our bed right between us!


We couldn't be more pleased.


Thank you,



September 2016


Janie, now known as Bridget, is doing GREAT!  Though Janie was a beautiful name she distinctly looked like a Bridget so at her insistence, Bridget is it.  ;)


Bridget has been a wonderful addition to our household.  Though a couple of the cats were a bit jealous at first, the hissing has stopped and once again life is good.  Aston the Siamese is especially happy that she's here, as he LOVES to take care of baby kittens.  A rescue kitten himself, Aston knows the importance of being accepted and becoming part of a family.  He's affectionately know as "Mr. Mom" because he takes care of baby cats so well.  The only thing he can't do is nurse and believe me, kittens have tried to do that with him.


Bridget continues to grow both in size and personality.  I think she's happy here.  :)


I'm attaching two pictures.  The first is of Bridget in the kitten bed looking like the Princess that she is.  The second is of her with Aston, AKA Mr. Mom, snuggling in the living room.


Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt Bridget!



September 2016


We are so lucky to have Chelsea, the sweetest 12 year old yellow lab/ Golden ever.


It's been about 5 months since we adopted her. Chelsea's transition to our home has been pretty seamless. With 2 human sisters, 1 human preschool-aged brother, 1 feisty Jack Russell sister, 1 formerly feral outdoor cat brother, and 6 chicken sisters, we needed a mild mannered, easy going dog, just like Chelsea. Chelsea has been amazing and she gets along with absolutely everyone.


In the time we've had her she has lost 10 pounds and her stamina and mobility have increased a ton. In the beginning she could barely walk to our neighbor's house and now she runs on our property and gets a bit of pep in her step during her "walks." She even runs after our ATVs on the property, keeping up with the spry Jack Russell.


She went on vacation to the beach this summer and loved watching the boats and birds. She is an excellent traveler.


Most days it's hard to believe she's 12 and she shows us her inner lab puppy by eating hot dog buns off the counter and stealing mini marshmallows glued to my son's school art project. Her favorite place in the house is the middle of the kitchen floor, especially when you're making dinner. She continues to lean on anyone who might offer a bellyrub and her tail is constantly wagging. One of the most endearing things for me is her gift giving. She often brings me gifts when I'm working or when I arrive home. So far I've been given several socks, a bookmark, and a pop-tart she got out of the pantry (with the wrapper on).


Thank you for sharing her with us. We hope to have many more years with her. I've attached some pictures for you to enjoy.

Thanks again,

The Walkers

September 14, 2016


I adopted Tessa this summer when MHF rescued her mom & six siblings from the WV floods. Having recently lost my beloved Sophie of fifteen years,  who was a rescue as well, I didn't know if I was ready. But when I picked Tessa up & was overwhelmed with peace, I knew it was right.


Every day she makes me laugh. Her favorite antidote for my sadness over Sophie was knocking the hamper down & dragging my dirty laundry through the house. Preferably underpants. Preferably when there was company.  God love her.




September 14, 2016


Abner and Spikey out enjoying a cool start to the morning. They have been such a loving addition to our home. Spikey loves to hang out on the porch during the day and cuddle at night. Abner loves to mouse but retire to his comfy cat bed at night.




September 2016


The Conlin kids moved to Belmar Farm and really wanted some animals to join them! We adopted Bianca and her babies and named them Snowflake and Darth Hopper. They are now indoor bunnies with a large cage and playroom all to themselves! They enjoy family time running around each day while the kids do homework or watch tv. Darth LOVES toys and tosses his play things all around. Snowflake likes cuddles and will lay down next to you for a quick pat before she zooms around again.



September 2016


We too are so happy that we adopted our kittens from MHF. We'd wanted young ones but were glad that the ones we got were already spayed and neutered (plus you all did a great job sharing all their medical history and other details--we were impressed). The male, formerly known as Nomo, is about a year. He's amazingly soft and fuzzy and loves to rub against our dog's nose. The female, formerly known as Muffin, is younger, about 5 months, purrs a lot and really likes to be with people. In fact she is sitting right behind me in my chair as I write this. Nomo is on the bed in the photo attached. That was our dog's bed but you can see she's missing because they took it over. I hope Muffin doesn't miss her sister, Mittens, too much but it looks like Nomo's filling the void. They are fun to watch -- very different personalities but both are loveable.


Emma & Henry

September 2016


We have had Raven (Godiva) for a few weeks now and she has fit into our family perfectly.

She has become best buddies with our dog Teddy (who is also from MHF). They snuggle every night!

She is the sweetest cat! Thank you for helping her and introducing us to this adorable, little girl.


Kind Regards,

Aimee, Chris, Jake and Brooke


She is also buddies with our older dog Skittle.

September 2016

Milo is wonderful. We love him & he shows us he loves us. His best friend is our goat "Ivy Mae" she & him are inseparable! He sleeps in the goat house with her!!


September 2016


We adopted Sister Bertrille – or Berti for short (formerly Pipsqueak). Sister Bertrille is the name of the Flying Nunn. One look at this little pup and you will see the name is fitting! While she quickly ensconced herself into the hearts of all of her new human family, she had a hard sell with the other two rescue dogs we have. She has won over Gizmo, our Pomeranian/Pekinese mix, but she is still working on Lucy, our 3 legged Shih Tzu! She works on it daily and we can signs of the lead dog starting to accept her!! We are all getting ready to go on a vacation together, so we know time away from home will do wonders for her and Lucy. (No worries – as curmudgeonly as Lucy can be, puppy piles on the big comfy bed abound in our house and she even begrudgingly cuddles with the wee pup).


We dearly love this little dog!! She is quirky, silly, smart and a little bit crazy. There really can’t be a better cuddlebug around (shhh…don’t tell my other two pups I said that!). While she puts up a very brave front, this little stinker cracks us up when her bravery wears out – which is more often than not!! She has been such a great addition to our family and I just can’t imagine life without all three of my puppy loves!!!


Thank you MHF for letting us bring this special pup into our lives!! She is happy, healthy and loving and we can’t be more happy that we are her family now.

Thank you



September 2016


We have loved having Aldie and Speedy in the house ... I needed a pet after my cat passed away - but then again, having one cat for 21 years and then not having a pet at all will do that. Its so hard to believe its been almost 6 months since we adopted them!


Aldie - she is so much the "scaredy cat" - she spooks so easily... it is so entertaining to see her get spooked by the littlest things... she even attacked my daughters socks one day... lol...


Speedy is growing so fast - he has grown to "trust" me so much more. Before if I even went to pick him up he didn't want it - now if I pick him up - he doesn't try to run away immediately.


They love sleeping on our bed. And when I do laundry - Speedy LOVES to jump in the basket when the warm clothes are in there - after coming out of the dryer - and laying on them.... Aldie will just lay in the basket of "socks" - that I haven't mated yet...


They look forward to early morning... when they know they get their wet food breakfast... they love their wet food.... and meow and meow until they get it... they also LOVE fresh water from the tap - we can go to the bathroom and start brushing our teeth - they will come running into the bathroom and jump into the hot tub waiting for the water to come out to drink fresh water - i will usually turn it on a very slow trickle and they would stay until they were full... I'm gonna have to buy a water bowl that does moving water or something... Speedy loves to "knock" his food outside teh bowl and then eat it...


One of Speedy's favorite places to lay down is on the tile of the hot tub in the bathroom... Aldie loves the bathroom too - but the floor.... they both like to dart in front of you when your walking - which I say is going to trip one of us one day! lol ... Speedy LOVES to unroll the toilet paper and create quite the mess - we have "trained" ourselves to close the bathroom doors now - because turning the toilet paper the opposite way - did not work/help at all... Speedy is too smart! I left a roll of papertowels out and it got shredded... they loved the condo i built them out of cardboard boxes ... until we got the cat tree.... Speedy loves the tree.... Aldie not so much.... Aldie loves her cardboard nail scratchers... Aldie LOVES to just lay down and sleep on her scratchers too...


They are both very different with cat nip too.... speedy does what my last cat did... licks it and eats it.... Aldie will rub her entire body in it... and then "lick/eat" it off her body.... its so fun to watch!


Speedy loves being rubbed and then will grab my hand and not let me move it... until HE is ready... and I get a bath from him too... lol.... they are cuddlers... they both love sleeping on/near us on the bed.... in the beginning Speedy would attack our feet under the covers... lol... we have adapted to having a THICK blanket on top of the comforter - so if he does it ... we don't feel it... they BOTH LOVE the red laser light... speedy could chase it for hours if i let him... they love looking out the windows and staring outside... they sit on window sills and just watch ... we get greeted every day we get home from work... they hear the door open and they greet us.... and every morning ... they are happy someone is awake... so they can get their breakfast too....


September 13, 2016


Winston and Cooper at grandma and grandpas waiting patiently for a treat.

(Previously known as Rebel)



September 13, 2016


I adopted Lallybroch (Lolly) from the Holly kitten litter in mid-June. I think I’ve laughed more in the 3 months she’s been with me than I have in the last 3 years (and I laugh at a lot)! She is a constant source of amusement!


Lolly was 2 months and 2.5 pounds when I brought her home: she is now a 5 and a half month old, 6 pound blur of energy. Her nickname is “furricane” and I rate her at the categories of activity levels like hurricane intensities, 1-5! She is quite often in 5 mode lol.


Her favorite place to chill out in the water bottle casing and any box she can find.


When she is ready to sleep though, she sprawls across my neck (and quite often my face); her purr can be heard from a mile away (at least)!


I couldn’t love her more and am so grateful to MHF for the adoption!


September 8, 2016


Marian was a doll on the drive home-- didn't seem to mind it at all.   She's still sniffing around but seems really comfortable already.  And kitties are having no problems-- in fact I think Mannie is quite happy to have a big white dog back in the house.

She spent time checking out the yard and had a bit of lunch (with Mannie) so she knows we have plenty of food! She seems to like the rug more than the bed for now.

Thanks for everything! So happy to have her here!


August 29, 2016


Blue is doing extremely well!  He is a very happy, bouncy dog full of energy and adores his dog buddies.  He has finally started to like car rides and will jump in the car on his own now.

The Prince and the Pea

Blue napping on a stack of 3 beds!!!

August 19, 2016


Lucille enjoying life.

July 23, 2016



We are the lucky new owners of Chelsea, the sweetest 12 year old yellow lab.


It's been about 3 1/2 months since we adopted her. Chelsea's transition to our home has been pretty seamless. With 2 human sisters, 1 human preschool-aged brother, 1 feisty Jack Russell sister, 1 formerly feral outdoor cat brother, and 6 chicken sisters, we needed a mild mannered, easy going dog. Chelsea has exceeded those qualities. She's amazing and she gets along with absolutely everyone.


In the time we've had her she has lost 7 pounds and her stamina and mobility have increased a ton. In the beginning she could barely walk to our neighbor's house and now she runs on our property and gets a bit of pep in her step during her "walks."


She recently went on vacation with us to the beach and loved watching the boats and birds. She is an excellent traveler.


Most days it's hard to believe she's 12, but she shows us her inner lab puppy by eating hot dog buns off the counter and stealing mini marshmallows glued to my son's school art project. Her favorite place in the house is in the middle of the kitchen floor, especially when you're making dinner. She continues to lean on anyone who might offer a bellyrub and her tail is constantly wagging. One of the most endearing things for me is her gift giving. She often brings me gifts when I'm working or when I arrive home. So far I've been given several socks, a bookmark, and a pop-tart she got out of the pantry (with the wrapper on).


Thank you for sharing her with us. We hope to have many more years with her.

Thanks again,

The Walkers

July 11, 2016


Oliver was adopted last August. He is the love of my life.

He goes to Doggie Day care with my mom every day when I leave for work. He is never alone. He has lots of cats to play with at my house, as well as my mothers! They love him! He wrestles and nibbles and snuggles with the kitties. He loves to watch the squirrel (Pitty -Pat) when she comes to get peanuts each morning. The squirrel is very tame, and she and Oliver have a love-hate relationship!

Oliver is well loved and treasured. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt him. Here are a few photos. He is dressed up like a dragon for Halloween! so cute!

We love him.

Thanks again.


July 9, 2016


I took Hunter, a very shy JRT, as a "foster" but after a week I knew he was a "keeper." He is very sweet, shy and learning how to be a Jack. His nickname is Forest Gump as he just takes everything as it comes.


He loves to play with squeaky toys and relieve them of their stuffing! He will jump up on my lap and plant both front feet on my chest and stare at me until he gets copious amounts of neck scratching. He fills my home with love.


Thank you for finding him for me.



July 7, 2016


MHF alumni Paris, Abe, Radar and Zack (previously Xerxes) in their forever home.


May 29, 2016


Dudley in his new home!

May 13, 2016


Megan/Tara is doing great in her new home!

May 08, 2016


Hey River, this Jessi and Lewis who adopted Herman. We just wanted to give you an update on him. We've changed his name to Legolas. Like the elf from Lord of the Rings. We thought his pointy ears made it appropriate. He's been doing so good. He's such a fast learner and very obedient! All of our family and friends love him including our roommate. He has made a few puppy friends and gets along with them great. He has done awesome with his potty training and has only had a couple accidents. His happy tail is completely healed and the hair has grown back! He loves car rides and baths! He also loves snuggling :) He can sit, lay down, and stay on command. He has come a long way with his manners on the leash! His favorite toys are ropes, tennis balls and socks. He loves peanut butter. He also gives us space when we are eating meals around him. He has been to our vet and did great & wasn't noisy or disruptive like a lot of the other dogs. He was very calm and collective around all the chaos. We are so unbelievably happy with him. We love him so much and can't thank you enough! Here are some pictures we've taken over the past few months :)



May 08, 2016

Happy ending update


Hi friends!


Lucille here:) While I wasn't with you guys for long, you did so much for me that I wanted to let you know all the wonderful things in my life that you made possible!  I have the BEST family; a smaller older brother (Amato the Chihuahua), a MUCH larger younger brother (Ben the horse) and a mom and dad that I love soooooo much.  I think I’m what people call spoiled because I have so many toys, fashionable leash sets, yummy treats,  big comfy beds....I could go on and on!  One of my favorite things to do is go with mom to run around with Ben….I’ve never seen a dog that big before!  Can you believe that mom gets on him and runs around?!?!?!  I also love to go on long walks by the river.  We live where the Occoquan River dumps into the Potomac and I will never get tired of all the fun things I see when we venture out:)


Mom said she just dropped a bunch of things off to help around the shelter.  She sure is grateful that you saved me so that her and dad could adopt me…..they love me a lot!  Maybe next time I can come with her to say hi to everyone!


Lots of puppy kisses,





April 9, 2016


Charlotte & Tammy

Our two sweet little girls are cuddling on a rainy day! The little boy has been following me around like a little dog. So sweet!

April 09, 2016


Just thought you guys might like this pic of my "vicious pit bull" Fiona (aka Paisley) and Atticus - both adopted from Middleburg Humane - perhaps they have bonded over once being orphaned, but now settled in their forever home -  thanks to Middleburg Humane -





April 5, 2016


Both kitties (Hannah and Tang) are doing great and they love their brother canine Elmo!  We named them Kai and Koa.


The Eccles Family



March 19, 2016


Sally's family love her so much! Her new name is Nymeria.

March 17, 2016


Mr. Puckles (snickers) and Jack- bros!!

Hey remember when we were at Middleburg Humane Foundation and then we got adopted? Best day ever!!!

March 8, 2016


Just wanted to let you know that Demi has been doing fabulously, and is really starting to open up to us. My husband keeps calling her "shadow" because she follows me everywhere I go. She's a little couch potato and she loves to cuddle with Daisy. We took her to the dog park last weekend and she loved it! She ran up to people confidently and played with another terrier almost the whole time we were there. We're spending our day today hanging out in the sunshine.

I want to thank you for all you do for those animals. Demi is so sweet and all I can hope is that she's happy with us and that she knows she's loved.


March 7, 2016


Aldie and Speedy in their new home!

March 3, 2016


Hunter's foster family decided to adopt him!

March 3, 2016


Here is a recent picture of my daughter Sarah and our Claire, who we adopted from MHF in June 2011.  This was taken after the Culpeper Walk to End Alzheimers this past fall.  She loved it.



February 25, 2016


Demi's doing so well so far. She's started following Winston around everywhere and she fell asleep sitting up on the floor last night watching them play. She's such a sweet girl.


Love from Mellow (formerly Leslie)

February 9, 2016


So in love!!

I just wanted to give you an update on Dean. He is the PERFECT cat for us!!! I can't get over how in love we are with him! Every day when I come home from work Dean comes running to the door chirping and I scoop him up and he snuggles my face :) Obviously, then we play. And play. And also play. Haha a friend of mine gave him a bunch of Star Wars themed toys, so his current favorite is a BB-8 wand toy.


Thank you so much for introducing Will and I to this amazing boy!!



Allie and Will

February 06, 2016


We are home.  Gwen is happy with her new bed and a piece of rawhide.  Thanks for all of your help.


-Ann Marie

Russell Update!


January 21, 2016


Just wanted you to know we bonded immediately and he gets along with my old cat. We are really so happy.




Remembering Katrina

10 years later... Where are they now?

See the current Love Stories of Hurricane Katrina survivors>>

December 28, 2015


Holiday Greetings from Belle, Bucket, and Bow Tie.

Buckey is almost as large as his mom. He caught his first mouse. He is incredibly sweet and playful and makes us all laugh. Belle is sweet and now eats treats out of my hand. She is pretty private and dislikes change. Bow Tie has assumed the Princess throne and finds mousing and leaving the hayloft beneath her dignity. She is such a sweetie and loves to eat. Donald, Jon, Bernarda, and I can't get enough of them.  We received a shipment of 200 bales of hay and now all will stay nice and warm in the loft. In addition to hay, they have blankies, mats, houses, and down bedding in which to lounge is on chilly nights. Bow Tie is the expert lounger. They have great appetites and enjoy a varied menu of canned and dry food and treats, of course.

We are so in love with all three.

Thank you for helping make our barn a happy kitty haven.



December 21, 2015


Teddy (Bramble) with Santa. He is 7 months now and over 50 pounds :). He has been such a great addition to the family. We are so happy we adopted him.



December 20, 2015


Frank and Monty in their new home!

December 19, 2015


I just wanted to write and tell you what a joy it is to have these 2 boys in the family! They seem to be adjusting well.

Taffy has been sharing the bed with 1 dog, sometimes 2! Stormy is taking his time, but loves to sneak upstairs when everyone is asleep. They had the place completely to themselves the other day and they looked right at home when I walked in the door!

They can come up from -and escape down to- the basement whenever they feel the need to get some peace from the dogs. We cut a hole in the basement door for our cat when we bought the house in 1997. We're down there throughout the day. Corey's workshop is down there. They love Corey's chair. Corey now sits in another one! And I like to escape down to the basement to read (whenever I feel I need get some peace from 16 year old twin boys!)

I brought Daphne down with me after a few days. She's much more relaxed than April.  I enjoyed watching them look at each other. It didn't take long to realize there would be peace in the house among all creatures.




December 17, 2015


I wanted to send you some pictures of Ringo (formerly known as Pollyanna) to show you how well we are al doing. Her sister Joni is quite fond of her now, and these pictures are from a walk at the arboretum in Millwood.  We are learning how to walk together so we can go hiking on the trails.  We have Ringo up to 3 miles now, and that's pretty good.  She's growing and her fur is getting dark and long.  Who knows what she'll end up like, but she's just a whole messa cute!


Thank you for helping us all get together.


Shelby, Joni and Ringo


December 14, 2015


Ivan relaxing in his new home!




December 14, 2015


Just wanted to send along some pictures of Cornbread and Delilah (Dan and Donna). They are doing great! We absolutely love them!


All the best,



December 11, 2015


Leo is so cute I can hardly stand it.  He’s settled in well now.   Here is Leo enjoying his post breakfast nap time. And here they are together, Bubble Butt and Twinkle Toes.



December 11, 2015


Tetchwick and Mycroft aka Mary and Gabriel

Ricky & Lucy sharing a carrot!

November 26, 2015


Here are a couple pictures of Ricky and Lucy that I adopted during the MHF blanket sale. They are wonderful and we love them!


Skye sharing a bed with Max

Roberta’s weanling, Shawnee, by the gate

November 25, 2015


Kylie was adopted by us in late September.  We call her Skye.  Shawnee, Roberta’s weanling, is here as well and we plan to adopt him.


Thank you


November 13, 2015


Sally in her new home with her kitty sibling.

October 28, 2015    Sabrina & Mr. Stubbs

This is my typical posture when on my computer in this chair, they trap me in, can’t move.

Sabrina under the tray.

October 11, 2015


The kittens have moved into their new home.

Bow Tie and I have an interesting connection. She acts as thought we have always been together. She sat in each of the beds and chose one. She let me brush her as she rolled onto her back and purred.

The baby has not stopped playing except to eat, drink, and poop.

Poor Belle is a little skittish but she let me hold her and she exploded the top of the cat tree. She has chosen to sit in the corner behind feed bins. That's where the mice run so she will be ready for them.

Attached are some pictures of their arrival.

Donald loves the kitten and laughed a lot as they played.

Belle will come around. We will give her as much time as she needs.


We love them all.

Many thanks,



November 10, 2015

Belle (Edameme), Bucket (Garbanzo), & Bowtie

My friend, Abby, rides one of our horses and has befriended our sweet kitties. The link below is her latest blog about them.

We love our babies and Bucket is getting quite large. His appetite s voracious and we are happy to oblige.

Belle has become very playful and very much my cat. She brings me her ribbon to play. In fact, one day, I was looking for the missing ribbons and asked her where they were. She ducked behind a feed bin and trotted out with a ribbon in her mouth! She is incredibly smart.

We love them all very much and the feed room now lacks mice!

Donald loves the kitties and plays with them every day. Bernarda visits with them every week.


October 21, 2015


My Diesel boy is doing great and the love of my life.  I'm so happy & thankful you all rescued him and that I adopted him (in 2012).  He will be four years old next week!!!



Bridget & Diesel

October 2, 2015


J.C. is now PurrC!

October 2, 2015


Dear all. I wanted to let you know that Maggie (now Lana because she is so glamorous!) is doing well. She is very loved by me and her brother Dirty Boy.


Best always,


Friday, September 25, 2015


Koa (aka Tang) and Kai (aka Hannah) are very very very happy kitty's! From day 1 Kai was jumping over her little fence to get to Elmo who is now her best friend! I think Kai thinks of Elmo as an uncle!! Koa wasn't as into Elmo at first but they are getting along very well now! The kittens have been slowly moving up in the house and are not allowed everywhere except bedrooms but that doesn't seem to bother them because they always find something new to get themselves into!!! Koa is also getting noticeably big! He is getting heavier and bigger :) Kai is still my cute little girl, well she always will be!




September 22, 2015


Home sweet home!  Mr Paddington & Emma are settling right in.

September 22, 2015


Kylie is already at home and has been playing with her new friends.

Hope in her home!!



September 18, 2015


King is doing great! (Princess pup #8, big guy on the left).

He thinks himself quite the ladies’ man!





September 15, 2015


Just wanted you to know that Stella (formerly known as Cindy) has made herself right at home in the Perfect household.   She and our other kitten, Chester, are getting along great as you can see in the pictures below.  She is such a sweet girl; we're so glad she adopted us!


Bob & Becky Perfect

Pebbles was adopted by his foster family!!!

Sylvester aka Rev

September 06, 2015


Dear All:


My first week at my new home has been great, although I had to bring my own mouse all the way from Marshall as the other cats here have kept the place pretty free of such thing.


I have a nice family and get to run and play as much as I want - I even get to arch my back and run sideways when I play with Mr. Adwers. Mrs. Adwers is very kind and I get to pat her face when I see her. My "silent meow" makes her smile and hug me.


Tell all my friends I miss them but there is lots to do here and I am very happy.


Duncan (aka Justin)

p.s., I am allowed to use the computer for e-mail and am learning how to use the IPad too.

August 29, 2015


Kate!  What a cutie!


Pebbles first night in his foster home:


August 25, 2015


He's having a great first night! Pebbles found a favorite spot to nap, met Duster (the kitty), checked out the backyard with Lucy and went on a nice evening walk with his new buds Rocky and Lucy.





August 9, 2015


Jenks and Nanuq (Grimsley Kittens) just had a birthday yesterday, turned out to be a couple handsome boys.

Thanks again!




August 5, 2015


Casey is doing great at Parrot Mountain & Gardens Sanctuary. Their bird garden was too much for him so they are currently working on finding him a single companion.

July 24, 2015


Some photos of Lucy (Shelby pup) taken this morning (she's sitting in my bedroom window with her feet propped on the headboard looking at potential squirrels to chase).



July 14, 2015


Teddy (Bramble) is adjusting very well to his new home. The kids adore him. He fits in perfectly here.


Aimee & Family

July 11, 2015


Just wanted you to that Dyson (we renamed him "Bear") is doing well and loving life up here on the mountaintop. Most well behaved and good dog we have ever had. I finally got around to doing a portrait of him. Not a painting but a woodburning which I did. Susan and Bear say hi and we hope all is going well at the shelter with the personnel and tenants.


Charles (Chuck) Oliver

July 10, 2015


Briar is doing great in his new home!  His new name is Lazo.



July 07, 2015


Here are some pictures of Bishop with Hank Mccoy. He is happy to be a big brother.  They love each other.

He is showing progress in his puppy training class.

June 29, 2015


Just letting you know that Bella is doing wonderfully here.  She loves her yard, her house, her people, and her new buddy Oreo.  I am so glad that we brought her home.

Bella and Oreo are working out their relationship and getting closer every day.  You were spot on that Bella is a lap dog.  She goes between Brian and I in the evening looking for attention (which she is getting, of course).

She has become full of pep and enjoys exploring her new surroundings.  We are very pleased and she has a lovely disposition, just as you said.   She has settled in much more quickly than I could have hoped for and has Brian nearly completely trained.

We thank you all for your help in adopting Bella and all the love and care you provided for her in the interim.

Regards from Happy Parents!

Bev and Brian

June 16, 2015


Bishop, formerly known as Rocko!

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Hi MHF Family!

I just wanted to send an email and say "Hi"! I have adjusted to my new home quite nicely over this past week. I think I can get used to this city cat lifestyle! My mom takes lots of pictures of me, so I have included some of them in this email. She is crazy with the pictures, but she gives me Greenies and Fancy Feast so I put up with it. I have lots of toys to keep me entertained during the day while my mom is at work, and at night I like to serenade her with my most beautiful cat yowls. I don't think she loves the singing, but we are working on it. This will definitely be my furever home.

I appreciate all the care and love that you all gave me while I was with you and I will write again soon.

Much love,


May 28, 2015


Marley (Hayes) stopped by for a visit! He is all grown up now!


May 15, 2015


Axle has been an absolute gentleman so far and loves to ride in the truck with me. I can't tell you how happy we are with Axle. He is better than I ever imagined he could be!


Thanks again



June 10, 2015

Tomorrow will make four weeks since Axle came home with me. He is without a doubt the smartest dog I have ever been around. He has mastered sit, stay, down, let's go, heal and back commands and loves to learn new words. He has also graduated from being crated at night and is a perfect gentleman in the house. The basement is his "playroom" complete with a jumping course built by Allie. I cannot thank you enough he is the perfect fit for our family. He has also learned about riding with me and knows the back seat is his and the front is mine. He has had no issues with his stomach and I think he is happy here. A friend of mine said that he hit the doggy lottery when he came here and I corrected him because we are the ones who hit the lottery with him!


Thanks again!


May 31, 2015

Just wanted to update you and send pictures (on Callie & Curly).  Kitty's are now enjoying the backyard and are very happy.

Thanks again for allowing them to join our family. They are the best!

The Richards

It only took Abe a few minutes to settle in to his foster home and fall in love with his foster brother Milo, an MHF almuni (lab X).

Abe's foster family decided to adopt him because "he just seems to belong here."   :-)

His new name is Gus.

YAY Gus!  You found a great home!

Gus lives with 2 other MHF alumni dogs & several MHF alumni cats.


April 12, 2015


We wanted to send you guys a picture of all our fur babies together. So here is Shiloh with his new brother and sisters. Thanks again! We love him so much!


Mark & Marie

March 31, 2015


MHF alumni dog "Trixie" is the official shop dog at LITTLE FOX'S JAVA & GIFTS on Main Street in Marshall! Her family absolutely loves her & she is super happy. They have terrific coffee so be sure to stop in and meet Trixie, shop for gifts & have a DELICIOUS espresso...

February 04, 2015 known as Joey

Attached is a picture of my "Pack" in front of the fireplace! Paul/Joey is adjusting fine.  What a happy dog he is.  Took him for a walk in town yesterday and he did really well. Electric Fence training has started and I think he will catch on very quickly. He wants to play and dashes into the house after our walks... Gets along well with my dogs. I look forward to letting him out with the other dogs as soon as he learns the electric fence.

Thank you for him.


At MHF 2009

At Home 2015

March 17, 2015


Dear MHF,

Six years ago today, St. Patrick's Day, our dog, Patrick was rescued from the side of Rte.55 and brought to MHF.  He was about five weeks old, I fell madly in love with his adorable Corgi(?) looks and personality.  Also, the fact that his singleness meant that I wouldn't have to choose.  As LUCK would have it, we adopted Patrick McGilicuddy (O')Graham into our family three weeks later - as soon as he was old enough. (The first of seven family members we would eventually adopt from MHF over the years).  Patrick has changed A LOT both in looks and personality - he is a bit of a curmudgeon - but looking back, I would do it all again in an instant! Thank you MHF; I will be forever grateful for your presence in our lives!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Katie Graham

Mar 15, 2015


I just wanted to let you know how Lena (Zena) has been, and attached a few pictures.


We packed up the crate sometime late last year, and no longer use it. She was getting to the point where it really stressed her out to have to go into it. So far there have been no major casualties. Although she did de-fluff her own pillow. I was a little worried that she would start destroying other pillows. but so far she understands which one is hers, and has not harmed any others. She is really smart, and usually when she finds something she wants to play with, she brings it to us to make sure it is OK before she starts tearing it apart.  I think so far this year she's only had one "accident" in the house. But it happened when we all went to the store together, and it was one of the few times she was home without someone in the house with her. She was kind enough to go in the bathroom. So it was no issue to clean it up at least.


Lena weighed in at 87 lbs. during her last visit to the vet.  The vet thought it was a perfect weight for her. So I think we're going to keep her right around 85 lbs. She's definitely put on a lot of muscle. Her and Logan play pretty hard. Amber doesn't play as rough, so when her and Lena play, it's a lot more running and spinning around. Either way, she's usually pretty worn out by the end of the day. In the evenings she curls up beside Sandy on the couch or on my lap.


She's really settled in and I think she feels like this is her home now.





March 11, 2015


Lucille aka Poppy!


March 10, 2015

Just wanted to let you know that little Heidi is doing GREAT!!! As you can see from the pictures she and Phantom have become buddies.


Heidi sleeps right next to me on the bed every night. She is so well behaved and has really caught on to our routine. She seems so happy and follows me around everywhere. It’s really cute to watch her with Phantom. She has now learned to sit. I am teaching her to “shake hands” I will have Phantom do it and Heidi will watch Phantom and then start lifting her little leg.


I cannot for the life of me figure out why anyone would give her up but I can tell you that I never will! Thank you so much to all of you for making this happen!



March 9, 2015

Cheshie (aka Marmalade)

March 8, 2015

Chim Chim is making the transition into our household amazingly well.  He seems so comfortable...calm, relaxed, and playful.  He is already adjusted to our stairs, cats, and breakfast and dinner routines.  He also bonded well with our son.  He slept through the night without a single bark.

February 20, 2015


Bryce is Awesome!


Hope all is well at Middleburg Humane and everyone is staying warm!  Wanted to send a quick email to say how great of an experience with had with you all and how much we love Bryce!!!  He has fit in perfectly here.  I have attached a few pics.  Note all of the "action shots"...ha!  Regardless of his activity level we are glad he is happy and comfortable here.  Overall he has gets along well with the kitties.  They come out and walk near him.

Bryce sniffs and no one runs.  Success.  He has loved the snow and runs through it scooping up mouthfuls and rolling all around in it.  Wouldn't guess he was 7, when there is snow on the ground.  He does seem stiff when it has been super cold out so we limit his walks and how crazy he gets out there and he doesn't seem to mind.  Everyone we see out walking says he is handsome and little kids run to pet him.  There is also a lady who runs in the neighborhood that is obsessed with him because she just lost her Great Pyrenees recently. Their other dog wants to play and visit with Bryce.  It's pretty cute.  All of the grandparents have met him and love him bunches.

He knows a lot of commands and is always on his best behavior doing exactly what is asked when the treat bag comes out. Likely the best dog I have ever lie.


Thanks again for everything.



February 18, 2015

Minnie Pearl


February 18, 2015


Rowan (a.k.a. Otis) and Lucille wanted you to see the results for Best in Snow:


Westminster's got nothin' on us!


February 17, 2015


Maddox & Moe


"We just can't get the kitties to get along!!!"



MHF just knew they would be instant buddies!

February 12, 2015


Charlie (horse) is amazing and has grown so big. Monique is little miss personality and likes to be my shadow. She is not a fan of strangers, door bells, or loud noises. She loves our Munchkin kitty, Delphine, and spend a good part of their day playing and chasing. She loves her dogs,especially our standard poodle, Giselle.



February 2, 2015


Blue with his new friend Maggie!

January 29, 2015


Snickers & Wren.  He looks like he is right at home and has a sister for life!

January 12, 2015


Here we are at sunset in Key West over the holidays.


Blue was so depressed for the first 5 days!  He ate nothing for 2 days – then was very picky for another few days.  Finally by day 6 he ate normally, but didn’t have much spark.  It was sad!  We went on many nice long walks and he got lots of pats and hugs and admiration from everyone, but he was a sad little pup.  I don’t think I will be able to take him unless I can take another dog with us.  He is truly a dog’s dog.  He loves us, but the other dogs give him that spark he needs.


When we got home last Wednesday it was 7 degrees here, but when we got out of the car and Blue saw he was home with his friends again, he was so excited he ran and ran, doing loops and yipping for joy – it was so funny!


January 9, 2015


Snickers at home with his new human brother Seth.

December 30, 2014


Our sweet little “Petey” passed away in November.


Petey’s Story

In 2000, a construction worker named Pete brought a rescued black and tan shepherd mix puppy to MHF.   Pete explained that he had spotted the puppy two days in a row on the side of the road in the same spot, as though he were waiting for someone.  On the second day, Pete thought he better pick him up and take him to MHF.  Petey lived at the shelter for almost a year, a favorite of one of the staff who fed him a lot of pizza.  My husband, Pete, and I (do you know where this story is going?), were volunteer dog walkers every Sunday at MHF.  My favorite dog quickly became the little, rotund “Petey.”  He was smart as a whip, anxious to please, and most importantly to his fate, got along beautifully with other dogs and cats.  We had an old hound who was rarely sociable with other dogs, to put it diplomatically, plus we had a few cats. I asked Hilleary if we could bring Petey over to the house to meet our hound “Enfield” and if they got along, we would adopt Petey.  I never saw Enfield react more positively to another dog.  It was friends at first sight and they immediately began running and playing.  Petey added years to Enfield’s life.  Prior to Petey's arrival, Enfield had spent too much time laying around!We all adopted Petey in 2001 and he lived with us until he passed away in 2014.  He was the smartest, sweetest, most well-behaved dog I have ever known and I miss him every day.  Before we adopted Petey, I asked Hilleary why such an exceptional dog had been at the shelter almost a year and had not been adopted.  Hilleary replied that is was a mystery why some dogs are overlooked, perhaps because of looks.  To me, Petey was always beautiful.



Thank you Pat and Pete for giving Petey such a wonderful home full of love, and thank you for the donation in his memory.  Animals certainly leave paw prints on our hearts for the rest of our lives. We couldn't be happier that Petey found his way into your heart and your family.


December 30, 2014

Sir loves his big basket bed full of blankets to burrow into.  He is enjoying his retirement

Lizzie's favorite spot with a view!  We love this little quirky terrier!


December 27, 2014


They (Grimsley babies) are doing great, happy little boys.



December 25, 2014


We have relocated to Arizona. My son drove Kyra and I across the country in August because there was no way I was sending her on an airplane. She was a great traveler and perfect the whole way. We are in our new home. Much harder for her to run free here because of coyotes, mountain lions, javelinas, and rattlesnakes. There are also many tourists on the national forest trails. We are fortunate to have a wonderful and quite large dog park very close by. Kyra loves to hike and that is a major hobby here. She and I both appreciate the great start you gave her after she was rescued.


Joe Lee


December 16, 2014


Blue with his holiday hairdo – he has come a long way since the day I picked him up.  He sure was a funny looking little creature!




January 27, 2014


December 12, 2014


Here is a cute photo of the 2 buddies.  Blue loves that Gus – they sleep together every night



December 11, 2014


They are both doing well and are certainly very much loved! I decided to rename them Max and Lola, which I think are fitting...


Thanks again, David


December 11, 2014


Mr. Stubbs and Sabrina are doing well! As always, with the cooler weather they sleep even closer to us at night. In fact Sabrina usually gets under the covers and purrs like a freight train.

Sabrina now stands up for herself when the other two cats want to mess with her. She used to be a bit timid, but not anymore. They are both always a joy.


-Hans and Julie

December 8, 2014


Magic, adopted November 2013, is a happy cat!

December 2, 2014


Merit -- aka Dutchess has been a wonderful dog.  Thinking she is getting a cataract and possibly going blind,  but she really is the best dog.


She lives with the kids, a sister Dane - Chamie, and Beagle- Cookie and two cats.



November 29, 2014


Three adopted MHF dogs Panda, Dexter, & Liam enjoying life with their humans and dog brother Ranger.  The recently moved to a 10+ acre farm named "Panda Kingdom" so that means even more room to romp around! What lucky boys!

November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving from Lucille in her foster home!

November 14, 2014


Jasper & Peter-both adopted from MHF!

November 4, 2014


Kuppy's doin' GREAT! She's slowly coming around to eating good dog food... instead of my dinner. We've been going for a lot of walks in the woods in Gambrill State Park (will head out again in 10 minutes). She's really well-behaved and already answers to "suggestions" as to what to do (don't need to give "commands" - she's too gentle for that). She has this crazy habit of flopping on the ground and rolling on her back every five feet whenever I take her outside; she just seems to love being outside. Can't understand why anyone would want to part with her! Lucky me!




December 8, 2014


Just wanted to let you all know that Sophie (the Great Pyrenees/rock star formerly known as "Kuppy") that I adopted on Oct. 25 is doing great! She's still a fussy eater (too many table scraps in her previous life), but she's adjusting nicely to good food. And the best part is that she's becoming less timid and actually starting to play with toys (some of hers and some of mine). Her real personality is coming out, and she's becoming the dog she was meant to be.



November 1, 2014


Hi Everyone, this is Butch...aka Butch Cassidy. Just checking in on the almost 6 month anniversary adopted into my new home. While I will never forget my mom, knowing she is unable to care for me, I am happy. I have a brother, Jackson, who is 1.5 years older than me, we are both seniors. We share everything together and enjoy every day....riding almost everyday in the truck, going on cool adventures, welcoming friends and relatives to our home, chasing squirrels (I love that especially since I have lost a lot of weight....I am very fast much to the frustration of new mom LOL), being guardians as our "parents" built a new road access bridge onto our property and just recently visiting Manassas Battlefield with out of town guests. Life is precious....make the most of every day!


October 30, 2014


I adopted Gracie the French Lop from you about fifteen months ago. We celebrated her second birthday this month. She is still my constant companion, totally free roam with the best house manners I have ever seen in a bunny. She still snuggles with me in bed. She comes to greet every visitor at the door and totally bewitches everyone who meets her. If one day she began talking I would not be surprised!


October 28, 2014

Here's a few more pictures of Aurora. Tate, the chihuahua, loooves her. A side I haven't seen since Cora has been gone.


October 24, 2014


Zoey is SO CUTE and loveable! She loves to go for walkies at any time; sleeps in the bed with us (me and Galen), watches TV with us, follows the other two around and plays with Galen. She is such a joy to have around and makes me laugh.........This morning I gave all three some of my lunch tuna fish in their food dishes. Zoey proceeded to carefully pick out two-three pieces of tuna, place it on her blanket, and then, commenced to roll around all over it for Eau de Tuna! After she had rolled on it 2-3 times, she then picked it up and ate it and resumed eating the rest of her breakfast. There, her morning toilette was finished and she smells perfect!  No wonder my bed pillow smelled "foofy" after she had been sleeping on it...........


We've been working on the dog door lessons and this morning she pushed her way past one of the flaps (there are two) twice. It won't take long now, especially because she watches Sandy and Galen very closely. She is so fabulous! We love her very much.


October 28, 2014


Zoey had her first bath at home last night.......a great success! (This was necessary because she picked the tuna fish out of her food dish and rolled in it, before she ate her breakfast. Fishy dog sleeping on my pillow stinks......get it?).


She was having the crazies after her bath and rolling all over the bathroom rug. She continues making headway with the dog door and has learned the daily routines. She LOVES her walkies! And, I discovered, just like Sandy, she will just about do back flips for peanut butter!


October 21, 2014


Aurora's family sent us pictures of her in her new home with her dog brother.  I'd say she settled right in. We love it when they just know they are finally home.

October 13, 2014


Kenny is doing fine in his new home.   He is full of energy, and runs throughout the house.  He's a chow hound, who doesn't feel limited to the kitten food that we provide him.  He also helps himself to our other cats's food.  Our other cat, Jett, likes Kenny's food, so they share.

October 8, 2014


Here is a picture of Daisy, formerly Etta, who we adopted in May. We adore her and thought you would enjoy can updated picture.  Thank you for allowing us to have her! She is a huge addition to our family!





September 29, 2014


Asia is doing quite well. She has become very much a part of the family. She loves riding in the car now, especially when it is time to go pick her "sister" up from track practice.



Monday, September 22, 2014


Just wanted to send you a note and let you know that Ross (now Begley) is doing great!  He's figuring out our house rules like a champ and the kids love him.  Our dogs are warming up to the new pack dynamic and I think they've established the hierarchy pretty well....Begley's gotten a few growls and corrections but adjusts his behavior quickly.  I can tell you guys worked with him because he's picked up commands so easily.  He's a really attentive little guy and so far has dome awesome with leash and obedience training.

Thanks again for your help!


September 9, 2014


Officer Harris and Chrissy

September 07, 2014


Our family adopted "Socks" in February 2012 for my daughter's 17th birthday. Our dog of many years had recently died, and our family, including our remaining dog, were sad. When my daughter saw the picture of Socks in his red kerchief on your website she knew he was the dog she wanted. He was so shy and scared when we met him I thought perhaps she would change her mind, but she was sure he was the one. She was right.

We renamed him Shindig, or Shindy for short. Shindy loves to run fast, then run some more. He loves hang out with our terrier Fidget. He loves to eat. And he loves to lounge around in bed.

We love him dearly, he makes us smile everyday.


Thanks Middleburg Humane!!


September 6, 2014


Asia is doing well and has made herself right at home. She likes to bark at thunderstorms and the random jogger that goes by the house. She usually goes for a long walk in the morning and now seems to recognize that when we turn on to [street name] she's heading for home.




September 2, 2014

Dexter & Liam sunbathing!

August 29, 2014


Everything is going great with us. Jazzy loves her new family and we love her



August 21, 2014

I would say that Fern now Mittens is comfortable in her new home!

August 21, 2014

Formerly Higbie Kittens 2 & 3

The orange one is named "Thomas" and the buff one is named "Louis." Or we call them Tommy and Louie for short. They are getting into EVERYTHING! But we are loving their little personalities, keeps us laughing!!


August 17, 2014

Doris in her new home!  She looks so happy!

August 17, 2014

Amber & Duncan (formerly Dancer & Duran) playing frolicat with Trudy and Taylor.  We are so happy that they found a wonderful home together!


Amber & Duncan were our "wobble cats."  They were born with Feline cerebellar hypoplasia which is a non-progressive, non-contagious neurological condition that results in walking and balance problems.

A kitten is born with “CH” when her cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls fine motor skills and coordination, is underdeveloped at birth.


A cerebellum’s growth can be stunted by a number of factors, most commonly if the mother contracted the feline panleukopenia virus while pregnant or if there was some sort of trauma to the kittens while they were in the womb.

August 6, 2014

Dozer (One of the Phoenix pups from 2012) has grown into such a handsome, big boy!  It looks like he is very spoiled!

August 02, 2014


It has been nearly five years since Kyra joined me from MHF. She has been a great companion and superb working dog. Her job is keeping the geese off the 17th hole of the Stoneleigh golf course. Thanks MHF for all you do.

The picture is of Kyra stalking a soccer ball. Her ability to distinguish differences between a rabbit and a ball leaves a lot to be desired.

Best, Joe Lee



July 27, 2014

Zack (formerly Xerxes) and Radar (who was just adopted last Wednesday).  It looks like they became fast friends!

July 29, 2014

Queen Prada!

July 26, 2014

Jazzy on her way home!  We are so happy she has finally found her furever family!  She had been with us since November 16, 2013.

July 26, 2014

Midnight at his new home chilling out and sound asleep. Looks like he's adjusting just fine.

Thanks for all your help today!

-The Glovers



July 24, 2014

Look at Winley enjoying her new life!  Her family renamed her Penny.


Tuesday, July 08, 2014


We changed Zena's name to Lena, which took a couple of days for her to get used to. We're still working on the house breaking, but last night she went to the door to go outside around the usual time she needs to go. So she's learning.  And the time between accidents is increasing.  Not that there have been that many.


We make all of the dogs sit and wait for their food rather than charging at it. She's done great with this. It's actually pretty funny as she has so much energy she's figured out how to move herself around while staying in a seated position. She moves her back legs a little bit, but very quickly while pushing in the direction she wants to go with her front legs. It almost looks like something you'd see in a cartoon.


As you can see from the pictures, her and Logan have become really close.

They play a lot. We took her and Amber to the vet together and they both weigh exactly 64 lbs. So Lena has gained a couple of pounds.

Her and Amber play some too, but Amber doesn't play as rough as Logan.

So her and Amber do well until Logan joins in. Usually Amber retreats after that.


Lena didn't know how to jump up onto a couch when we got her home. She watched Logan walk up, but she's not as tall as he is, so she couldn't get her back legs up. For the first couple of weeks she would get her front end up and fall asleep with her legs on the floor as she is in the attached picture.


She was much more interested in Logan and playing with him than she was with people when we first got her. But that has been changing over the last couple of weeks. Now she walks up to us and hooks her head around our arm and rests it on our forearm when we pet her and she will turn her entire body sideways so she can lean into us. She's also started kissing people on occasion.


We've had to fill a few new holes in the yard as she's a prodigious digger when she puts her mind to it. She managed to chew up a phone and seems to like grill covers. But otherwise has been pretty nondestructive. Between Lena, Logan and Amber I think we end up with two destroyed tennis balls per day. She's gotten really good at catching tennis balls. And getting better about giving them back when asked to do so.


She's been a great addition to our family.



What a sweet heart!  She is one of the most loving dogs we have ever had!  She has even started to be very  "kissy."   She wouldn't really lick you when she first got here, but now she likes to kiss!  She's been doing very well with the house training.  Any accidents have really been our fault for not paying enough attention sometimes!  She is sleeping in a kennel at night but I am leaving the door open on it so she an come out at anytime.  So far no accidents!  She finally figured out how to jump on the couch and bed.

She really made me laugh when I had the tv on one day.  She thought it was a window and was barking at the person on it!  She's protecting her home already!  I am so glad I found her on your site.  She is our little baby (our puppy in an adult body!).  Everybody just loves her! She is getting better about being around men she doesn't know.  If they sit down she goes right to them.


June 09, 2014

Here are some pictures for you. The other night we were all on the couch and we thought the reason Gremlin was leaning on Piggie was the way we were all sitting, but when we shifted, Gremlin made sure to still lean his head onto Piggie.  He sure likes her :)


May 31, 2014

Things are great. He and Pig are getting along really well (they sleep next to each other in the bed with us). Truman plays with him sometimes and tolerates and him, and whenever Truman gets a little mean with Gremlin, Gremlin lets him know it's not okay by barking at him. Gremlin also gets upset when Truman plays too rough with Pig. He seems so happy and we're so happy with him. He's walking well, he listens well, and there have only been two "accidents" in the house.  We have a good time with him and call him "little bug".  We certainly don't regret getting Gremlin. He's such a sweet boy. It's hard to believe we've only had him a week.

Thanks for all your help,


July 02, 2014

Bailey, now Luci (we named her after Lucille Ball since she’s really funny), is doing great. Attached are some photos from about an hour after we brought her home today. She slept right through the thunderstorm.  We love her. Thanks again for your help!

-Shari & Jim

June 10, 2014


Blue is doing just great – he really is a character.  He leaps over the tall grass doing the best Pepé Le Pew imitation I have ever seen!  I have been trying to capture it on video – but without much success so far.  He also loves to leap straight up in the air to get insects – it’s hilarious.


He loves being outside and exploring (within the limits of our property of course), chasing bugs, and other things dogs on horse farms do. He is a very happy and lovable dog.


Pictures are of him cooling off in the poppies, sitting with Eric watching soccer, and exploring a fallen tree with Izzie – he has a pretty fun life!


Gwen & Blue

June 09, 2014

Just wanted to let you know Beatrice is settling in great! I love her!!

She's so sweet!! She loves sleeping in the bed and has stretched out in it every night with me. She is currently stretched out on the couch beside me as we speak. She was shy the first day but is getting much braver.

Thanks again for everything and I'm so glad I was able to give her a home.



June 4, 2014

After one night in her crate, Shelby graduated to the family room sofa!  She is learning to live inside . . goes through dog doors and up and down stairs and potties outside.


June 02, 2014

Ryder (used to be known as Pumpkin) and I have settled into a happy co-existence. He is a  constant comfort and never leaves my side. I'm so grateful you emailed me that you had a nice orange cat available for adoption. Even though he still has his rambunctious moments (he broke a lamp last week), having him in my life has been a true joy.



May 16, 2014

Teddy, aka Bill, was adopted in August of 2007. He is still our most precious friend.


May 06, 2014

Spartacus with Bob


April 09, 2014

Laila (formerly Miley) rides in the ATV with mom!



April 05, 2014

Prada and one her mom's foster "chugs".  So precious!!  She is such a good big girl.



March 24, 2014

Jessie relaxing and enjoying her home. She is loving life now!

Cha Cha, Buddy, Buster (Walter) & Ginger

March 19, 2014

The Fantastic Four.  They all get along wonderfully.  Thank you all for letting me adopt Buddy and Buster. .  I love those dogs.  They are my babies, and make my life complete.



March 17, 2014

Milo (formerly Shelby Pup #1) is learning the ropes from MHF Alumni Olivia who is now his big sister.

April 2014

March 16, 2014

Ember is Fantastic. She turned out to be the ultimate farm/nanny dog. She runs in and out of the house all day and around the farm. She watches all the animals and herds the sheep when she feels like it. She adores my two sons, age 10 and 20, and guards the 10 year old whenever he is outside, barking furiously when he goes near water. She has two other dogs in the house, a tiny Jack Russell who was a rescue from Loudoun Shelter, and the Borzoi. She also is a surrogate mother to our bottle sheep. She guards and licks the sheep and plays all over the farm with him (he believes he is a dog thus far, ignoring the 70 other sheep). She is friendly, but a great guard dog, and a much loved member of our farm family. Thank you for letting us adopt her.


Jamie, Rich, Derek and Kyle

March 15, 2014

This is Mabel (formerly known as Shelbys pup #8) Mabel is here with her bestest big brother, Keno. Thank you sooo much Middleburg Humane!! We are TOTALLY in love with our newest family member!


The Millers


March 11, 2104

Norman came in with a group of starving livestock.  He was adopted into a loving home with one of MHF's Volunteers.  He now lives with a whole family of rescued animals including dogs, cats, horses, & goats!

March 05, 2014

Blue had a wonderful time – he is a true Concher now!  He went to the dog park, out to dinner,  went to a bar.... and he learned so much! All about riding a bike (well, being a passenger anyway), learned to take a bow, down, shake – he is quite the renaissance man! He is a mellow dude fer sure! All of the neighbors there wanted to steal him – he is such a sweet little soul!


He is happy to be back with his big brothers and his grouchy sister though and completely happy in the snow and cold – what a dog he is! Here are a few photos of Blue’s big adventure.


March 01, 2014

I am writing to let you all know how Lloyd's first night went in our home.... What a sweet little guy!   We have had no problems between him and Lupie, and I think in time they will become very close...Lloyd did his thing when he came into the house wanting to mark everything in sight, but thanks to the Male wrap that didn't happen..

After dinner and a potty call  he had visitors, My 7 y/o grand daughter and 9 y/o grandson.. because we were not sure about him and children we were very careful, but Lloyd proved to be a wonderful playmate and just loved the children...

After his play date, he snuggled up on the couch with Lupie and I and took a nap. When we went to bed he claimed his place on my queen sized bed, which happened to be on my legs and slept peacefully all night. we have NOT had an accident in the house as of yet, but I'm sure that is bound to happen, but he is very smart and I think he will learn quickly.

I fell in love with his little face when I saw him in the kennel, and I really thought he would be a little more work adjusting to his new surroundings but so far he has been a perfect gentleman.

I cannot Thank you all enough for letting me give LLoyd a forever home, and making the adoption so easy, I just love my new little guy and look forward to spending the rest of my life life with him and making the rest of his life a happy healthy one...LLoyd will Never see another chain as long as he lives with me! Thats a promise!  NO more chains for LLoyd!

Thank you all again, and I will keep you posted in the coming months of our progress...


PS: I changed his name to Floyd as in ( Pink) Floyd.

February 4, 2014

Angel is loving his new home!

January 30, 2014

Gus is being Blue’s big buddy – they are quite a cute couple.  He follows close on Gus’s heels on our walks and copies whatever he does- too cute! He knows “sit” means good things now so offers to sit all the time – smart puppy!


January 25, 2014

Rowan (formerly Otis) in his new home with his buddy!

January 22, 2014

Riley is thriving and loved so very much.  He is so sweet, all he ever wants is to sit on my lap, get petted as often as possible and as many treats as I'll give him. I feel like because he had such a terrible start in life, all I want is for him to be happy and content. Although has some anxiety issues which especially made him car sick. Once I figured out it was anxiety not actual motion sickness, I took for many short car trips.  Adding a little more each day. Summer 2013 we took him on vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. He did amazing and not only did great in the car but loved the golf cart rides!  A funny story! The day I picked him up from Middleburg Humane Foundation, my mother came with me.  I had no idea about the car sickness and how bad the he vomited in the car.  I drove home he sat on my mother's lap in the passenger seat. I live in Front Royal so the drive is about 30 minutes. It wasn't a mile down the road he started throwing up all over my mother.  Over and over pretty much all the way home. Every time he started vomiting my mother would gag profusely. I couldn't help it,  although I felt horrible for Riley, when my mother started gagging I laughed so hard I was crying. We still talk about her gagging and laugh every time. The funniest thing is that she raised seven kids.


Jan 8, 2014

Miss Butters was adopted in March 2004. I've attached two pictures of her from my wedding on 11/2/2013. She's an awesome horse and will definitely be with me forever!




Monday, December 30, 2013

Just thought you'd like to see Mama Kitty (the orange one), who I adopted from you in July 2012. She loves her new home in my hayloft and her new friend Tucker. She's a terrific mouser and very affectionate with people (so much for her being feral).

Thank you very much for bringing her into my life.



Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I just wanted to say Happy Holidays and thank you again so much for my Diesel. He is the light of my life.  This past December 9th we celebrated one year together.  It went so fast, but it's been exciting.  He is a wonderful dog and everyone loves him.  Attached is a picture collage I sent out to my family and friends recently.  I also included a few other pictures and a collage I put together for National Dog Day 2013.


I'll keep sending updates and thank you for all your hard work.


Take care and have a wonderful holiday.


Bridget & Diesel


December 23, 2013

Alpine wishes everyone at MHF a very Happy Holiday and a New Year of more happy beginnings for all of his furry friends!


Alpine & Michael


December 20, 2013

I adopted Charlotte who had only 3 legs.  She has really helped Bella, my other cat who is handicapped build more strength in her body and increase her agility.  They are good buddies now, not so much at first.  Charlotte is doing extremely well and is very, very much a people person.  She has gotten so big and is my study and tv buddy.  She is in fantastic health and does not miss a beat.  She has adjusted to having the 3 legs and is probably the most personable cat I have ever owned.  I have never seen a cat that uses its back leg to balance and adjust for missing the front.  She sits on her back legs and stands up.  She also hangs off the coffee table and bats Bella in the head.  Poor Bella is not a fan but it is hilarious.  I have been so happy with Charlotte.  Bella is not lonely any more during the day.  They are such great company for me and each other.  I want to bring Charlotte up there for a visit soon so you all can see her.


Merry Christmas,


December 1, 2013

A huge Happy Holidays from Mr. Stubbs and Ms. Sabrina (always sleeping) and of course Hans and Julie (always photographing the sleeping kitties while they are sitting still).


Hope all is well at the Foundation..


November 22, 2013

River is awesome.  He is happy and crazy and picks on every animal in my house and we love him to death. He's very curious and eats everything in sight. He loves to go outside but we don't let him out of the gate. He still snuggles and falls asleep on my neck every night sometimes I can't breathe however it's worth it keeps me awake with all of his purring but again we love him so much and he is so happy here thank you for sharing him with us.



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