Thanks to the hard work and commitment of many, no dogs can be left outside on a chain when the temperature is below 32 degrees in Fauquier County! PLEASE keep your eyes open this winter and if you see a dog tethered and it is below 32, call animal control or contact MHF so that we can make owners aware of the new law and help get the dog indoors, warm, and safe.


February 11, 2016


Due to the new Humane Tethering code in Fauquier County, these dogs were brought inside tonight and the owners are now aware of the new law. It felt good to be able to help them!



To all animal lovers:

If you are opposed to dogs living their lives chained 24/7:

Please Help Us Help Chained Dogs by attending the upcoming public hearing on the proposed Humane Tethering Code.  The proposed code is:

  • No tethering of puppies 6 months and younger
  • No tethering of female dogs while in heat/estrus
  • No tethering when the temperature is 25F or below, 95F and above (Please note, we are currently trying to change this to 32F and below/90F and above).

We also need for Fauquier residence to write a letter of support to the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors. Please note: letters should be addressed to Chris Granger as he is the sponsor. All others should be cc’d.  Please also cc your letters to Hilleary at Hilleary.bogley@middleburghumane.org so that she can print off all letters and present to the BOS to assure they have received. Time is of the essence as this public hearing is on Thursday June 11th at 6:30pm! Let the BOS know that dogs are social beings that deserve to be a part of a family. They are pack animals by nature. They need human interaction, daily care & love. Dogs that are chained 24/7 are frustrated and 2.5 times more likely to bite because they are not socialize and can become very territorial of their tiny space. They suffer mentally & physically…. Dogs deserve better!

Email addresses for the BOS:












Also cc Hilleary at: Hilleary.bogley@middleburghumane.org

JUNE 12, 2015 UPDATE:

We are overwhelmingly HAPPY to report that after 3+ years of research & approaching the county, a Humane Tethering Code for Fauquier County PASSED last night! All 5 Supervisors voted in favor! The new county code is:

 * No tethering of puppies 6 months or younger

 * No tethering of female dogs while in estrus

 * No tethering when the temperature is 25F & below/ 95F & above. Please note: we asked for 32F & below/ 90F & above. After numerous letter from veterinarians with professional opinions to support changes, the BOS agreed and will vote to change the temp restrictions to the 32F/ 90F at next months public hearing. We will continue to work hard to strengthen this code so that NO dog will be chained 24/7 but for now, we are thrilled with this step in the right direction. A great BIG thank you to the Fauquier BOS, everyone who wrote letters & attended the meeting to show support, Tracy Gahler, Kathy Durand, Charlotte Flohr, & Jeanne Ebson for all of the time and work you all put into this! On behalf of the dogs: HUGS & LICKS to all!



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