Equine Rescue Program

Giving horses, ponies, and other equines a second chance at life.


Jimmy was near death due to starvation. He was tied to a tree in W. VA with another horse nearby.   After several months of rehabilitation at MHF Jimmy found a wonderful home.

MHF has established a program that rescues all equines from situations of abuse and/or neglect. These horses most frequently come from county seizure cruelty cases or willful release.


The equines that are fortunate enough to make it to our shelter receive care including medications and vaccines, farrier, dental, and extensive behavioral and physical rehabilitative care. They spend as long as they need at our shelter or in foster care to recover fully.  They receive daily evaluation, lots of love, excellent nutrition, and the finest veterinary services.


When the equines are ready, MHF finds loving families who are committed to giving each rescued equine a second chance at life. Before placing an equine, Middleburg Humane ensures that each animal is situated into a home that best suits that animal's needs. MHF visits the facility where the horse will be housed and sends the equine home for a foster period before finalizing adoption. This gives the equine and the adopter a chance to bond.


Equines adopted from MHF cannot be used for breeding or racing and cannot be sold or given away. We also maintain a lifelong commitment by requiring adopters to complete an annual report.


If you are interested in adopting an equine, please click here for our adoption procedures. Equine adoption donations range from $100 to $1000 depending on expenses incurred by MHF for rehabilitation.



“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful

and committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

-Margaret Mead

Maria, a 4 year old registered Thoroughbred mare,  nearly died from severe neglect. She was found in a field suffering from skin disease and malnourishment only 9 months after she ran her last race.



Thanks to the exceptional loving care from Dr. Andrea Russell and the support of the community, MHF was able to give her

a second chance at a happy and healthy life.

Slim was abandoned at a Virginia slaughter sale.

Here is Slim 6 months later and 400 pounds heavier!

Dan was rescued from a Pennsylvania slaughter sale.

Dan happy, healthy, & gorgeous living his new life in Sunny California.

Twiggy was truly near death due to starvation & neglect, but she had a huge will to live.

Twiggy recovering at MHF just one month later.  Amazing what a lot of TLC & good nutrition can accomplish!

Ivy was part of a large seizure of over 60 animals from a farm in Bealeton, Virginia.

Ivy happy & healthy in her new home.


Bureau of Land Management National Wild Horse and Burro Program



Providing a home for a wild horse or burro is a challenging and rewarding experience. For qualified individuals, this is a unique opportunity to care for, then own, a "Living Legend" -- a symbol of American history -- a wild horse or burro. This document answers the most frequently asked questions about adopting a wild horse or burro. Additional information will be provided to adopters of a wild horse or burro at the adoption site. Please inquire about the "sale authority" horses. There is approximately 8,000 horses that you can "purchase" and they really need your help.



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