Each and every animal that passes through our doors is spayed or neutered. The ONLY exception is mares (female horses) but we do not allow for any of our equines to be bred. That’s the best we can do! The sad reality is that there IS a severe pet overpopulation problem and the number one way to address this as well as to stop the killing and suffering of thousands is by spaying & neutering all animals.


Middleburg Humane actively offers low cost spay/neuter services to people who love their animals but cannot financially afford to take them to their vet to help directly address the problem of an overabundance of unwanted animals. We work closely with each family as a team to help get all animals in the household current on vaccines, dewormed and spayed or neutered.


If you need more information or want to discuss this further with us, please complete our online assistance form.

Affordable Spay/Neuter & Medical Assistance

Although we are able to help facilitate some lower cost spays and neuters for people who care about their animal(s) but are genuinely unable to afford the expense of spaying/neutering them, Middleburg Humane does not have any veterinarians on staff and we do not have a spay and neuter clinic.  Therefore, we find that several other groups are often able to offer much lower prices than we are.

These groups include:


Anicira Veterinary Clinic:

Shenandoah Valley Spay/Neuter Clinic  (now called Anicira Veterinary Clinic) opened another spay/neuter clinic in Manassas, VA on December 10th.  They offer affordable services on the following:

Spaying and Neutering, Vaccinations, Testing, Deworming, Flea and Tick Products, Preventive Care, and more…

Anicira Veterinary Clinic

9975 Pennsylvania Ave

Manassas, VA 20110






Fauquier SPCA:

The Fauquier SPCA has a terrific low cost spay/neuter clinic. All  animals, regardless of age, size, or type can be spayed or neutered no matter where you live.   Male Cats can be done for $50, females $65.  Male Dogs $100, Female Dogs $125.  Charges apply for additional services. You can’t beat these price! Please call the Fauquier SPCA 540-788-9000. www.fauquierspca.com


For information on other low cost spay/neuter clinics:

Anicira Veterinary Clinic (located in Manassas): www.anicira.org

Spay Virginia:  www.spayva.org or 1-877-9VA-SPAY

SPAYUSA: 1-800-248-SPAY

SPAY INC.: 703-522-7920

Spay/Neuter Inc.: 540-480-7582

Frederick, Clarke, Winchester SPCA: 540-662-8616


Did you know...?


- One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years.


- One female cat averages three litters per year. The average number of kittens in a litter is 6-8 kittens. The number of cats one female cat and her offspring can produce in seven years?

420,000 cats!


Please spay & neuter your pets!


Shattering Myths


It is unnatural to not allow an animal to have babies.

FALSE: What is unnatural is the destruction of 6 million animals each year in our country alone.


Cats and Dogs only come into heat once a year.

FALSE: Dogs cycle twice a year and cats often cycle until they are bred! Yikes!


It is expensive to spay/neuter pets.

FALSE: There are low cost spay/neuter clinics available. Please call MHF for more info.


Pregnant animals cannot be safely spayed.

FALSE: Talk to your veterinarian, cats and dogs can be safely spayed during pregnancy.


A cat or dog that is already in heat cannot be safely spayed.

FALSE: Again, speak with your veterinarian.


Males aren't the ones having litters so we don't need to neuter.

FALSE: It takes two to tango! Plus neutering can reduce health issues such as testicular cancer.


Animals become fat and lazy after being spayed or neutered.

FALSE: Excercise and diet are controlling factors in weight gain and energy levels.


It is best to wait until a female has had one litter before spaying her.

FALSE: Spaying before a heat cycle prevents many hormone related malignancies.


An animal's personality changes after spaying or neutering.

FALSE: Your pet's personality will not change after he or she is spayed or neutered.


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