Recent Rescues & New Arrivals

  • 2015

    December 29, 2015


    Jack was a stray kitten found in a barn. He is now at MHF and having a blast. All he wants for Christmas is a forever home!



    1/8/16-Jack was adopted!

    December 23, 2015


    Callie is a beautiful medium haired kitty who is special needs. She was born with a congenital defect: cerebellar hypoplasia. This condition makes her wobbly/neurologic. She is an absolute love-muffin and is healthy but does require an indoor home.



    1/19/16 Callie was adopted!

    Peter and his sibling were found outside of a hair salon on a busy road in Front Royal. Thanks to a kind and compassionate woman named Joy Fairfax, he, his mom, and siblings were all rescued. Peter had a badly injured eye when he was first found. He did have to have his eye removed but it hasn’t slowed him down at all!



    2/13/16 Peter was adopted!

    December 18, 2015


    Russell and 5 little terriers were rescued from a hoarding situation. They are all now at MHF and doing very well. This adorable group of dogs will be available for adoption mid-January.



    1/8/16-Russell was adopted!

    1/9/16-Charlie was adopted!

    1/9/16-Gina was adopted!

    1/21/16-Andy was adopted!

    1/28/16-George was adopted!

    2/20/16-Terry was adopted!


    December 18, 2015


    This cutie named Trey came in today.  He is about 6 months old.



    1/19/16 Trey was adopted!

    December 13, 2015


    Oliver came to MHF through a vet hospital.  The previous owner signed him over to the vet when he got sick instead of treating him.  Oliver is a friendly cat who loves attention. He is about 4.5 years old and is seeking either an indoor or indoor-outdoor home where he will get lots of love! He's a little shy when there's a lot of activity. He likes to pick his cubby and watch the activity from that safe spot. When it's quiet, he likes to find a sunbeam or window to sit in. Oliver likes other cats, especially other mellow cats who like to sit in a cozy spot and observe the household.



    4/15/16 Oliver was adopted!

    December 1, 2015


    Penny J was being used as a lab dog in a college for the Veterinary Technician students.



    2/13/16-Penny J was adopted!



    November 25, 2015


    Inca & Arnold are seeking a home together! Arnold is a 3 year old Chinese Crested dog. He is white with grey spots. Inca is an Inca Orchid dog who is 2 years old & gray with white spots. These two are best friends. They both like to be held on laps & we always see them napping right next to each other.



    3/2/16 Inca & Arnold were adopted together!

    November 23, 2015


    This lovely 5 month old hound was brought to us today. He was hit by a car and has two broken hind legs. We are thankful to be able to provide necessary vet care to SAVE his life!

    Update-December 7, 2015:


    Rocky had his ortho surgery last week and is doing very well. Tough for any dog to have two broken back legs, surgery and then boring cage rest for 6 weeks but this 5 month old boy is handling it very well! He is extra special... Gentle, affectionate and super cute! We would love to get him into a home asap where he could have lots of love.... There will be a good amount of daily care including physical therapy... Please fill out an application if you are interested in adoption! We truly appreciate everyone's support!



    2/3/16 Rocky was adopted!

    November 19, 2015


    Boomer is a 1 year old terrier mix. He is very smart and is looking for a home with someone who loves and understands terriers. He loves to cuddle and also loves to run and play. He has lived with other dogs, and would do well in a home with another young dog who doesn’t mind his energy level.



    12/8/15 Boomer was adopted!

    November 14, 2015


    This kitty was found on a property outside of Middleburg. He is very thin and has a badly infected tail wound/ is missing 2/3 of his tail. We have named him Taffy and he will have his tail amputated and placed into a new home soon!



    12/12/15- Taffy was adopted!

    November 10, 2015


    Rolo is a great big chocolate lab. He is about 3 years old. Rolo is active and playful. He is still new to us, so we don’t know a whole lot about him yet.



    1/2/16- Rolo was adopted!

    Our first adoption of 2016!

    November 7, 2015


    Stormy is a 12 year old kitty who has been declawed.  Because of health issues his owner was no longer able to care for him.   Stormy is a little cautious around new people and new cats until he gets to know them. He does appear to be willing to live with other cats as long as they are willing to leave him alone. He’s a beautiful grey and white kitty seeking an indoor-only home.



    12/12/15 Stormy was adopted!

    October 23, 2015


    Chip is a 3 year old beagle who was found starving and covered in fleas in the woods. He has recovered beautifully from this ordeal and is the most delightful, cheerful little dog. He is very bouncy and playful. He loves people and seems to be so happy to be around humans instead of lost in the woods. He will undoubtedly give his whole little heart to whoever adopts him, with all his energy and joy included.



    1/9/16-Chip was adopted!

    October 21, 2015


    Pollyanna came in as a stray.  She is a 1 year old mixed breed; we don’t even know what she is. She’s very sweet and a little shy. Polly is looking for a home with another dog or two to help her feel secure. She has great social skills with other dogs and loves to play. When you sit down, Polly climbs in your lap and asks you to scratch her cheeks; this is her favorite thing ever. She is very smart and eager to please.



    12/1/15- Pollyanna was adopted!

    October 17, 2015


    Aster is a 3 year old beagle who is quite the darling. She loves to sit on laps and snuggle, and follows her humans around all day long. She definitely has the beagle nose and a great sense of adventure, so she needs a home with a very secure fence, or even a leash-walk only home. Aster gets along with other dogs who don’t get in her face too much. She’s much more focused on people.



    12/11/15- Aster was adopted!

    October 5, 2015


    Ruger was transferred from Potomac Highlands Animal Rescue.  He is an energetic 5 year old yellow lab who is looking for an active home. His adopter will need to be patient and spend a lot of time helping him understand household skills and manners (such as not stealing food from the counter) when living in a home.



    4/16/16 Ruger was adopted!

    October 1, 2015


    We rescued this adorable momma cat (Dahlia) & her 5 babies (Charlotte, Cera, Helena, Frank, and Rooter) from under a house where they were destined to be flooded out by the chilly heavy rains. We also took in another mom cat (Cherie) with her 4 babies (Grace, Monty, Nolan, and Gordon) this week who were living in the woods. Sadly every year we see SO many homeless/unwanted kittens come to our shelter. In fact, all shelters are inundated with kittens and it seems to be almost all year long-

    No longer just a spring thing.

    Please SPAY & NEUTER your cats! If a stray comes to your property, it's important to not only feed but to make that animal non-reproductive! There are many resources out there to help.

    DON'T wait until there are kittens to reach out for help!

    Anicira Spay/ Neuter Clinic in Manassas is a wonderful resource. They provide excellent care and their surgeries are very affordable. Your local shelter also can help direct you with assistance. MHF is currently hiring for our Feral Cat Program, so we are not doing TNR (trap/ neuter & return) for the month of October- or until we are able to fill that position. (Please spread the word to help us find a new program coordinator!) We ARE keeping up with our previous commitments as well as emergency situations such as this mom & her babies. So, all that said, we have KITTENS for ADOPTION!



    10/28/15-Cherie was adopted!

    11/3/15- Nolan & Gordon were adopted!

    11/8/15-Grace was adopted!

    11/21/15- Dahlia was adopted!

    12/12/15-Rooter was adopted!

    12/16/15-Charlotte & Helena were adopted!

    12/19/15-Frank & Monty were adopted!

    September 30, 2015


    This little kitten named Manny showed up at someone's house looking lost.  He is only about 9 weeks old.



    11/201/5 Manny has been adopted! He’s a little spitfire of a kitty who is going to grow up in a barn and be the Fierce And Terrifying Mouse Police.

    September 18, 2015


    Welcome to our new arrivals! The two black Pugs Ivan & Demi came from a hoarding case in WV. Several groups pitched in to help this large group. Lucille, the adorable little smushed face terrier mix was a willful release and then there is dear old "Ray." Just look at that face! Ray is very arthritic and emaciated. He was pulled from a high kill county pound. Ray deserves a second chance so we took him in. We have bathed him and started him on some pain management to help him be as comfy as possible until his blood-work comes back. He is eating well and is very sweet. Fingers crossed he just needs TLC & good groceries to be able to get healthy again! Thanks to you all for helping us help them...



    11/7/15-Lucille was adopted!

    11/13/15-Demi was adopted!

    12/20/15-Ivan was adopted!

    September 16, 2015


    The Great September Cat Rescue continues! Michaela was able to catch a few more babies today. We are now up to 16 intakes and sadly there are many more there...The story is that the cats were abandoned at a rental house when the occupants went to prison- for a long time. There are several litters of kittens as well as teenagers and adults. They are in semi-poor condition but responding beautifully to basic care treatments( & groceries) so they will be in good shape by next week! We REALLY need your help! These are wonderful MOUSE PATROL OFFICERS! Attractive/ lots of color, various ages & sizes. Everyone will be spayed/ neutered/ vaccinated/ de-wormed/ flea treatment and AIDS/ Leukemia negative. Please contact us SOON if you can take in a barn cat or two! We need to make space for the others to be able to come in soon as well....

    September 14, 2015


    Would you like to participate in the Great September Kitten Rescue? The Middleburg Humane Foundation is admitting a large number of shy kittens from an outdoor situation. If you need a barn cat or two, now is the time! We are calling for barn homes, foster homes, and maybe also indoor or indoor/outdoor homes for these babies (and a few young adults, too).


    We don't have photos of the all the kittens yet, but our staff members who are working to capture them say that they are very beautiful kittens in many colors and patterns. These guys and gals are a little shy, so we are looking for people who are willing to be a little patient and help them come out of their shells. They are only a few weeks old, so we are hoping to scoop them up now and help them learn how wonderful it is to live with humans. Can you help us out?


    If you'd like to adopt barn kittens, please fill out our adoption application. If you'd like to foster, please call us at (540) 364-3272. If you'd like to help, but just don't have the time, please SHARE this post with everyone you know!

    September 10, 2015


    This adorable little baby came in today.  She is about 4 weeks old and was found in a parking lot under a work truck.  There was no sign of a mom or siblings around.  She has a head tilt so we are going to have our veterinarian examine her, but we believe it may be from an injury.  She also has wounds from where something grabbed her.  She is very sweet, has a good appetite, & likes to play.



    6/16/16  Tootles is still waiting to find her forever home...

    September 5, 2015


    This little guy, who we named Reese,  was brought in after someone found him. Because he was in such good shape and had a harness on we thought he would be claimed right away.  We were unable to find his family despite our efforts.




    Reese was adopted!

    August 25, 2015


    This pretty girl was found with an upper respiratory infection in the parking lot at Tri-County Feeds.  Her name is Rose and she will be available for adoption soon.



    10/28/15- Rose was adopted!

    August 18, 2015


    Edameme was caught in a trap during our TNR (Trap-Neuter/Spay-Return) of a colony.  When she was brought to the shelter it was noticed that she was in labor.  She ended up giving birth to 3 adorable little kittens.  She and her kittens were sent to a foster home with our wonderful volunteers Katie & Jessie.  She is now done nursing & is back at the shelter for adoption.  The kittens will be available soon.  They are named Soy bean, Pinto bean, & Garbanzo bean.



    9/30/15- Edameme was adopted!

    9/19/15-Soybean was adopted!

    9/27/15-Pinto bean was adopted!

    9/30/15-Garbanzo bean was adopted!

    August 18, 2015


    This pretty girl named Penny was signed over to MHF today.  She is a little shy but will receive lots of interaction while she is here.  She will be available for adoption in the near future.



    12/06/15- Penny was adopted!

    August 17, 2015


    This adorable Chihuahua puppy named Sadie was from the same litter as Brownie.  She will also be available for adoption soon.



    10/4/15- Sadie was adopted!

    August 17, 2015


    While checking on the dogs in our Chained Dog Assistance Program, the staff was notified about a feral cat that needed to be spayed.  When the traps were being checked they found a kitten instead of an adult.  Shortly after that another kitten and the adult were found.  They all turned out to be friendly cats not feral cats.  They are now at the shelter and will be available for adoption soon.  Their names are Tortellini, Rigatoni, & Bowtie.



    9/8/15-Rigatoni & Tortellini were adopted!

    9/30/15-Bowtie was adopted!

    August 13, 2015


    Rosie & Gunner were signed over to MHF when their owner was no longer able to care for them.  They will be available for adoption soon.



    8/25/15-Rosie was adopted!

    9/22/15-Gunner was adopted!

    August 12, 2015


    We took in this adorable 5-6 month old puppy from someone today while checking on the dogs in our Chained Dog Assistance Program.  Her name is Brownie & she will be available for adoption soon.



    10/16/15-Brownie was adopted!

    August 8, 2015


    Dean was transferred from Potomac Highlands Animal Rescue.  He had some kind of accident that left him with a broken leg before he came to us. The break is on a non weight bearing bone & he is not in any pain.  There is no need to do surgery, but he will always have a little bump on one leg from that trauma. However, Dean has a positive outlook on life & doesn't seem to mind at all that he's got a bump on one leg! Just as long as you pet him some more, he's happy. He gets around just fine & can run & jump like other cats.



    1/21/16 Dean was adopted!

    August 8, 2015


    The cutest puppy named Kylie came to MHF today after her owner was no longer able to take care of her.  She is Husky X Lab X Akita mix and is the typical high energy puppy.  She loves to play with other dogs and enjoys being with people.



    9/30/15-Kylie was adopted!


    July 24, 2015


    We took in a Mallard named Ducky because, due to the owner's healthy problems, he was unable to care for him anymore.  He is a sweet, calm guy that is about 6 years old.  He will soon be looking for a loving forever home where he can live out his golden.



    8/13/15 Ducky has been adopted!


    July 22, 2015


    Today's Rescue: MHF took in a group of starving animals today. Sadly, many are severely emaciated as well as some of the chickens have badly infected feet. We removed 14 chickens, 7 ducks & 2 bunnies (Lucy & Ricky) so far. One big rooster did not make it, he was emaciated & barely alive so we took him to a local vet for humane euthanasia. We will return tomorrow morning to gather the remaining 20 some chickens and our vet will come to the shelter tomorrow to guide us through necessary treatments, de-worming and proper nutrition. For the time being, everyone has clean water, good quality food & safe enclosures. If all goes well, we will have many poultry available for adoption in a couple of weeks! If you are interested in adopting some rescued poultry: Please fill out a livestock/ poultry adoption application. For the bunnies, please complete a companion animal adoption application. Many thanks for everyones continued support.



    7/31/15-5 chickens have been adopted!

    8/22/15- 3 chickens were adopted!

    8/29/15-Lucy & Ricky were adopted!

    9/5/15-5 chickens were adopted!

    9/11/15-The 7 ducks have been adopted!

    9/27/15-10 chickens were adopted!

    10/11/15- 3 chickens were adopted!



    August 1, 2015 Update

    The chickens have been loving their free choice feeding and especially love all the fruits and vegetables they have been getting.  They have made remarkable improvement in such a short time. Thanks to Andrea for taking our 4 skinniest chickens plus our chicken with bumblefoot to foster and give them the extra TLC they need.

    July 19, 2015


    These three were all found together at a bus stop.  We believe they were abandoned.  Their names are now Hilly, Candi, & Jessie.  Jessie appears to be the kitten of Hilly.  They all seem very bonded & are enjoying their time in the kitty playroom here at MHF.



    8/29/15-Hilly was adopted!

    9/8/15-Jessie was adopted!

    10/11/15-Candi was adopted!

    July 16, 2015


    Lily & Lucy were abandoned. Their owner moved and left them in an apartment with their roommate. These two were released to MHF yesterday and went into a wonderful foster to adopt home today! They are very bonded to each other. We are so happy to have been able to find a home to keep them together and provide a safe future for them.



    7/21/15-Lily & Lucy were adopted by their foster family!

    July 14, 2015


    Happy tears for Magellan! This darling old man was living with many other cats at the boat landing in Front Royal. MHF has been helping this colony for many years. About 3 months ago we took in a group for TNR (trap/neuter/return). Their caretaker is an elderly man who loves his cats & tries his best, but it's a bit overwhelming as people continue to dump cats on him year round. While we were there, he asked for help with this older cat "Magellan" who had really infected ears and was heavily matted. Long story short, we fell madly in love with this old guy! Because his ears were so bad from ear mites & chronic infection, it was not ideal for him to return to a large colony, so we kept him here to continue to treat. His owner was thrilled to know he was in great hands and would have a wonderful life ahead. Sadly Magellan tested positive for feline AIDS, but he was not symptomatic. After many months of daily treatment, he looks and feels the best he has in a very long time. Magellan left today to go live at a gorgeous cat sanctuary with other FIV cats. He will be well cared for there and they can watch his ears for any flare-ups. We will surely miss this old fella, but we are thrilled that we could give him a second chance at a happy & healthy life in his golden years.

    July 14, 2015


    Today we had a dog transferred from Potomac Highlands Animal Rescue:

    Petunia is an adorable 4 month old terrier mix.



    7/29/15- Petunia has been adopted!

    July 12, 2015 Update


    BB & King, the two rescued nurse mare foals are doing beautifully! They have grown so much and have great manners as we are handling them a lot every day. BB (the paint QH baby) is still a bit behind but his blood work is improving and he looks and feels great. King (the cremella draft/ Walker mix) is very attractive, large for his age and very healthy! Thanks to Winterfell Farm for offering to help us by fostering them in the near future. Both BB & King are now available for adoption.




    2/3/16  King was adopted!

    4/5/16 BB was adopted!

    July 7, 2015


    This cutie named Dingo was very loved, but his mom had to give him up when she moved into an assisted living home.  He loves to be held & cuddled. He will be available for adoption soon.



    8/5/15 Dingo has been adopted!

    July 7, 2015


    Today's Rescue: These three burros were willfully released to MHF. They were in a dangerous situation... One is pregnant, one gave birth two days ago but the baby did not live and the other is daddy donkey! They are all now safe at our farm shelter & yes, poppa has been separated but they are right next to each other as they seem to be very bonded. We named them Katie, Dan & Donna after the three wonderful volunteers who helped us with their rescue! A GREAT team effort by all!



    8/6/15 Our veterinarian feels that the baby donkey will be here in 4-6 weeks!  A baby shower event is in the works...

    July 2, 2015


    Tis the season! LOTS of kitties in need of help! Yesterday we took in an adorable tiny medium haired kitten who traveled in the engine of a car. She only had a wound on her neck so she was a very lucky little gal to have survived. We named her Lil. Then last night when Hilleary was leaving the shelter, she saw an adorable little orange kitten in our driveway/ under the truck. Sadly someone had dumped him after hours. She was able to catch him and now he is safe with us here at MHF. His new name is Calvin. Over the past week, we began trapping feral cats at the airport in Martinsburg, WV. There are no programs there for ferals so we are happy to help. When Tina was checking traps this morning, she found this little black kitten under some debris. He was alone, hungry and COVERED in fleas! We bathed him in Murphy's Oil Soap (safe, non toxic, smothers fleas on itsy bitsy babies) and now he has a full belly. Thanks to our wonderful vet tech volunteer Olivia for taking him home to foster! If you have any room in your heart, home, garage or barn, ADOPT a kitty & help save a life!



    7/15/15 Calvin has been adopted!

    9/4/15 Lil has been adopted!

    July 1, 2015


    Prince William County Animal Shelter contacted us asking if we could help with this little girl.  Her name is Midge and she wasn't doing well in their environment.  Midge has really come out of her shell and is enjoying the attention she is receiving here.



    June 16, 2016 Midge is still looking for her forever home...

    June 30, 2015


    This darling little girl was found running as a stray in The Plains. She is a little shy but sweet. We have named her Cookie & she has quickly become buddies with Grey the mini.



    3/1/16 Cookie was adopted!

    June 26, 2015


    Meet Sparrow! This adorable little kidlet was born with no front feet. Her hind feet are a bit unusual too but, this doesn't slow her down a bit! She loves belly rubs & is very playful. We are in need of an INDOOR only, very safe foster home for her. She has no claws so she cannot be an outdoor kitty. She would also benefit from softer floors such as carpeting but this is not a must. Sparrow is very young, only about 6 weeks old. She needs to go to a home where she can grow, build muscle, and get lots & lots of TLC. If you are interested in fostering, please fill out a companion animal adoption application and state that you want to be a foster family. We have several other kittens/ groups & a few dogs that would also benefit from being fostered so please help us help them! Thank you!



    9/19/15-Sparrow was adopted!

    June 30, 2015 Update:


    Our two little disabled kittens Newton & Sparrow are going to be fostered by a wonderful veterinarian at Leesburg Vet Hospital!


    June 26, 2015


    Wilbur was transferred to MHF from Potomac Highlands Animal Rescue today.  He is a 6 year old Norwegian Elkhound.  We don't know much about his history.  PHAR got him from someone that was trying to give him away for free on Facebook.  Giving an animal away for free can be very dangerous because they can end up in the wrong hands.  Wilbur is one of the lucky ones.  He had to have surgery on his neck to remove two masses.  He is on his way to a full recovery and will be available for adoption soon.  He is very sweet and enjoys being around people.


    9/18/15 Wilbur was adopted!

    June 25, 2015


    Rocky the pug & Hobbs, a young mixed breed dog just met today. Hobbs came to us a few weeks ago with an old injured front leg. He had been hit by a car and had not received veterinary care. Sadly there was severe nerve damage and we could not save the leg. Hobbs has been though a lot in his short life and was confused after surgery. What we noticed was that he lit up when he saw another dog so we introduced him to Rocky (who loves everyone and everything!). They were instant friends...It is oh so true that:

    The greatest healing therapy is friendship & love.



    7/5/15 Rocky has been adopted!

    7/25/15 Hobbs has been adopted!

    June 23, 2015


    This personable little guy named Tang was found all by himself by one of our foster families.  They were currently fostering some kittens for us at the time so he joined the mix.  He fit right in with the other kittens!


    8/29/15-Tang was adopted!

    June 23, 2015


    Joe was running as a stray in Clarke County.  We took him in as a transfer.  He is available for adoption!  He is very sweet, loves belly rubs, is  small (under 50#), & very hairy!


    9/16/15-Joe was adopted!

    June 18, 2015


    Newton is an adorable little kitten who was found by a lovely woman who takes care of many feral cats. He was under a bush all by himself. Newton has some genetic deformities: he has a very crooked left front leg, a big nose & small eyes, & adorable little ears. He is quiet, possibly not the sharpest tool in the shed but a total little love muffin. He is enjoying his stay here with his new friend Badger!


    June 16, 2015


    Certified Pet Trainer Genevieve Warner was working with a client and her dogs today.  While they were out walking, the clients dogs found this little guy all alone under a bush.  His name is Badger and he will be available for adoption soon.

    June 11, 2015


    Spikey came to us from For Cats Sake- a wonderful organization that we do a lot of TNR work with. Spikey had a badly injured hind leg but no one really knew what had happened to him. We were unable to save the leg but to save his life, we had the leg amputated. Spikey is a VERY special cat. All of the other cats & little kittens adore him. He is a true Virginia Gentleman! He would love a home with other kitty friends.



    10/13/15 Spikey was adopted!

    June 6, 2015


    These two kittens were found on the porch at the house one of our staff members.  Their names are Hansel & Gretel and they are available for adoption.



    7/15/15 Hansel has been adopted!

    June 5, 2015


    We received a call on May 30th about a cat just down the road from the shelter.  He had been hanging around a house all day and was friendly but was crying and panting.  We drove over to see if he was injured.  He appeared in good health but was panting and seemed panicky like he was uncertain of what to do.  We noticed that he had an eartip like he was part of an outdoor cat colony, so we took him back to the shelter to see if he had a microchip.  When we got him back to the shelter and inside he seemed to calm down.  We reported him to the county shelters and posted signs, but no one claimed him.  Based on how he was acting we believe he may have been abandoned.  He is now available for adoption.  His new name is Felix and he is one of the most special cats we have ever had here.  He loves all the other cats here and will sleep cuddled up to the kittens.  He enjoys attention from people, too. He seems right at home inside.



    9/19/15 Felix was adopted!

    June 4, 2015


    We had 3 adorable puppies transferred from Potomac Highlands Animal Rescue today: Briar, Bramble, & Murphy.



    6/26/15 Briar has been adopted!

    7/1/15 Bramble has been adopted!

    7/8/15 Murphy has been adopted!

    May 29, 2015


    This dear momma cat was thrown out of a car. The next day she gave birth but sadly only one little kitten survived. Mom was named Journey. Journey sustained a head & eye injury but is doing well. She received a long term antibiotic injection so she does not need any daily medications- just love! Her little boy's name is Marshmallow. He is now 10 days old and is a little butterball.  Thank you to Heather for fostering them!


    8/12/15 Journey was adopted!

    9/27/15 Marshmallow was adopted!


    May 28, 2015


    We were checking on some of our regular chained dogs and came across 3 semi-feral cats (Samantha, Tabitha, & Aurora), two of which had 3 kittens each.  We took in the 6 kittens to adopt out & also plan to adopt out the three adults so they can be relocated to safer areas.  We are looking for barn homes for them.

    The three kittens pictured are Ann Rand, Anastasia, & Tom Clancy.

    Thank you to Elizabeth for fostering them & Tabitha for us.

    Also, thank you to Michael for fostering the other litter of three for us (Will, Hannah, & Frankie).


    6/11/15 Samantha & Aurora have been adopted!

    7/1/15 Tabitha has been adopted!

    8/29/15 Ann Rand, Anastasia, & Tom Clancy were adopted together!


    May 27, 2015


    This handsome boy was found while checking on some of the dogs in our Chained Dog Assistance Program.  He had been running loose in the trailer park then someone chained him up but no one wanted to claim him.  We named him Dudley & he is available for adoption.



    May 6, 2016

    One year later & Dudley is still looking for his forever home...

    May 26, 2015


    Ruby & Leslie were transferred from Potomac Highlands Animal Rescue.



    7/3/15 Leslie has been adopted!

    9/27/15 Ruby was adopted!

    May 25, 2015


    These four kittens were found under a bush.  We named them Lance, Justin, J.C., & Joey



    8/20/15 Justin was adopted!

    8/26/15 Joey was adopted!

    8/28/15 Lance was adopted!

    9/4/15 J.C. was adopted!


    May 22, 2015


    We received a call about a kitten that was hanging around someone's house, and they weren't able to keep her.  "She" turned out to be an adult neutered male cat.  We named him Oliver & he is now looking for a forever home.



    7/11/15 Oliver has been adopted!

    May 22, 2015


    We took in 5 kittens today.  Their names are Jack, Jenny, Jill (Isis), Jade, & James.



    6/6/15 Jill (Isis) has been adopted!

    6/16/15 Jade & Jenny have been adopted!

    8/15/15 Jack was adopted!

    9/19/15 James was adopted!

    May 20, 2015


    Both Charlie and Teddy lived primarily outdoors their whole lives.  When the previous owners asked us to take them we were happy to help. Both are now available for adoption.



    8/14/15-Charlie was adopted!

    8/18/15- Teddy was adopted!

    May 19, 2015


    This little kitten is named Button. Button was found on the side of the road. Both his mom & sibling were tragically killed on the road.  Some Good Samaritans were able to catch him and brought him to us so he could continue to be socialized with kittens his age.  Thanks to Katie for fostering him with the other kittens.  He will be available for adoption soon.



    7/2/15 Button has been adopted!


    Day 5 & BB & King are doing terrific! We think they over the hump! They look & feel SO much better today. Both were much more active & playful: they actually cantered around a bit! We repeated their blood-work today & Piedmont Equine will be back out tomorrow to start their deworming & repeat antibiotics. It is so heartwarming to see them start to be happy & feel good! Thanks everyone



    2/3/16  King was adopted!

    4/5/16 BB was adopted!

    Day 3 update for BB & King:

    The two baby foals are holding their own. Still very weak but we can see a small improvement in strength as they are walking around a bit more & seem stronger and interested in things. They are still being medicated 4 times a day as well as being fed their milk pellets 4 times a day. Thankfully they are both eating well! This is a slow process but every day is a victory!


    May 16, 2015


    This sweet little guy Baxter was transferred to us from a West Virginia county pound. He is a middle-aged intact male who developed perianal tumors due to being unneutered. Dr. Loonam did a needle aspirate & determined it was operable. Baxter was neutered & had his tumors removed at Anicira & is now doing beautifully. An incredible improvement!!!!



    12/18/15-Baxter was adopted!

    Day 2

    BB & King seems to be enjoying their grass, hay, & feed.  They take their medications very well & have been drinking.  Thank you to Dr. Krista from Piedmont Equine for checking on the babies for us & for giving BB an antibiotic injection.

    May 15, 2015


    Todays rescue at MHF: BB ( paint colt) & King ( white colt): These two little foals were being kept in a dog pen. They were purchased three weeks ago from a group in Richmond that sells nurse mare foals from Kentucky. The family who bought them knew nothing about the care of horses and were only bottle feeding them two times a day. BB is now only 4 weeks old and King is now only 6 weeks old. They are severely malnourished, weak & parasite ridden. BB was scored at a body condition of 1 out of 9. This is near death due to starvation. ( body condition scoring is used by vets/ professionals to determine body fat levels: 1 is the worst, 4-5 is ideal, & 9 is atrociously fat!) King is in a little better shape than BB. They are now in good hands here at MHF but they are in a critical state and we hope they can survive. Piedmont Equine is helping us with their care. It is VERY important to start to feed them again VERY slowly so they don't colic/ die from re-feeding syndrome. They are both on medications 4 times a day. We have run bloodwork, complete physicals & ultrasounds to take a look at their chests & abdomens. Please help us by sponsoring one or both! We will have a lot of medical expenses with these little guys so any help would be greatly appreciated. You can send a check to help cover their medical costs or a gift card to Tri-County, Coop or Southern States will be very helpful too. I promise to keep everyone updated with posts. Please keep them in your prayers as the next 10-20 days is the critical period..... Please send targeted donations for BB & King to: MHF P.O. Box 1238 Middleburg, VA 20118 or make a donation via paypal.

    Together, we ARE saving lives & making a difference!

    May 13, 2015


    Gray came to MHF from a family that lost their jobs & had to move out of the country.  They were asked to keep him for a couple weeks & 10 years later the people never showed back up for him.  The family loved him but were not experienced horse people, so he was never gelded.  He spend 18 years as a stallion.


    He is now gelded & will be ready for a home in about 6 weeks.  He will need an experienced handler.



    Gray has been adopted!


    May 12, 2015


    Oysters first selfie! He may look like a big boy but this little guy is only about 2 pounds. He is an 8 week old ? Chihuahua mix...? We truly don't know what he is but he will be a small- medium sized dog when full grown. Thankfully we were able to get him away from a well intended but not good situation where he was being mishandled by very young children. This little puppy will be available for adoption soon.


    5/16/15- Oyster has been adopted!



    May 11, 2015


    Ratatouille was a lab rat at a vet tech school. He spent the first 6 months of his life being poked and prodded by the students who needed to learn how to restrain & pull blood etc. At the end of the school year, no one wanted him so he was going to be euthanized. Thankfully our wonderful volunteer Jessie Graham brought him to MHF.



    5/29/15-We are very happy to report that he found a great new home with a very special gal! He will live out his life in a large cushy cage with lots of daily interaction. Ratatouille is truly one lucky rat!

    May 11, 2015


    Pebbles is back. But this time it is to stay at MHF until we can re-home him. Its a long sad story but bottom line is that his family loves him very much but they could not keep him. We are teaching him to go outside so he can get some fresh air and more exercise! Pebbles has been mostly a house pig so Genevieve is helping him become comfortable with going outside and down a ramp... Pebbles needs a new home. He will live another 20+ years so we are looking for a family who will make a life- long commitment to him. He will always be small, about 40 pounds and needs an indoor/ outdoor home. He is house-trained/ uses a large litter box, is very clean, & is an easy keeper! If you are interested, you are welcome to fill out an application.



    6/20/15 Pebbles was adopted!

    May 10, 2015


    Shirley was abandoned overnight at the shelter.  She made herself known when she ran up to one of the staff members.  She is a very sweet cat & is now available for adoption.



    6/10/15 Shirley was adopted!


    May 6, 2015


    This tiny kitten was found on the side of the road alone.  His name is Sawyer.  We have some other kittens around his age so he will be able to have buddies.



    6/2/15 Sawyer was adopted!


    May 6, 2015


    Meet Casey! A 21 year old male Blue & Gold Macaw who needed to find a new home. He has not been in a stable environment for the past 8 years so he is a bit uncertain of people, but he is settling in well here at MHF. We set up his cage in one of our indoor/outdoor cat playrooms so he has plenty of room, fresh air & a big tree limb to chew on & climb. We are hoping to get him into a large bird sanctuary in Tennessee where he can have a safe & happy life for the next 40+ years!




    Casey went to the large bird sanctuary in Tennessee today! A great BIG thanks to volunteer Jessie Graham for driving him there...the trip went well & he is now there. We are thrilled to give this 21 year old bird a safe & secure lifelong future.

    May 5, 2015


    Bernie was found in trapped in a dumpster where kids were throwing rocks at him! You would think he would be afraid of and not like people after having such a bad start but that's not the case at all! He is THE most affectionate kitten you could ever meet!



    6/28/15-Bernie has been adopted!


    May 2, 2015


    Rocko came to MHF from a unexperienced young man who had him and lived in a condo, which was a very unsuitable situation for him.



    6/6/15 Rocko was adopted!


    April 28, 2015


    Seven kittens came in today.  They were found after the mother was seen moving them.  The mom was caught in a humane trap.  The kittens were very thin and small for their age.  The mom didn't seem to be producing enough milk to keep them nourished.  The mom was spayed & returned & the kittens are eating on their own now.  We named them after the 7 dwarfs (Happy, Doc, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey, & Bashful).  One of the kittens (Bashful) was even thinner than the rest so he went to foster with another momma cat & babies that are younger than him.

    Thank you to Michael for fostering the 3 girls for us!


    We heard from Channing, Bashful's foster mom, that he is doing great & is the life of the party!

    5/27/15 Doc & Sleepy were adopted!

    5/30/14 Sneezy & Dopey were adopted!

    6/2/15 Happy was adopted!

    7/2/15 Bashful was adopted!

    7/11/15 Grumpy was adopted!

    April 28, 2015


    Four more kittens came in today. They were born in a colony that we have been TNRing (Trap/Neuter-Spay/Return).  Two of them are polydactyl, which means they have extra toes. So cute!!  Thank you to Katie for fostering them for us!


    5/30/15 Bond was adopted!

    6/3/15 April & Thumbs were adopted!

    6/26/15 Rewind was adopted!

    April 22, 2015


    Meet Maggie! This adorable little 4 year old medium haired kitten was trapped by "For Cats Sake" at a trailer park in Martinsburg WVA. She came to MHF in a group of cats that MHF was helping TNR (trap/ neuter & return). She was very skinny, scared, parasite ridden & has a deformed right front leg- likely congenital/ born this way. She only weighs 2 pounds so it is like having a miniature cat for life! Maggie is staying with us due to her disability/ special needs. She will be in need of a home soon!



    5/30/15 Maggie was adopted!

    April 22, 2015


    This sweet senior girl was found running loose in Marshall with a collar & dragging a leash. Sadly, despite our attempts to find her owner no one claimed her.  We named her Gertrude and she is now available for adoption.



    6/23/15 Exciting news!  Gertrude was reunited with her owner!!  Her owner came across her listing and contacted us.  A family member had been petsitting Gertrude, who is actually Cedes, and she had gotten loose.  The owner didn't know about our shelter to contact us.  After verifying it was indeed Cedes she came to get her.  Cedes was so happy to see her!

    April 21, 2015


    Jackson the Rooster was living in very cramped & dirty quarters with a few hens. He was being pretty tough on the hens so the owner willfully released him to us rather than "eating him for dinner." This is a young gorgeous rooster who either needs to be a single chicken in a garden/ farm/ yard - he is awfully pretty to look at and good with people, or we can try him with other chickens but only if there is plenty of room! Jackson says "I need a home!" If interested in adoption, please fill out an application.

    April 18, 2015


    This adorable little girl named Georgia was transferred from Potomac Highlands Animal Rescue (PHAR) today.  She is a Boxer X and has a deformed left front foot, but that doesn't seem to slow her down.



    1/15/16 Georgia was adopted!


    April 17, 2015


    We took in this adorable guy named Opie today. He came to us through someone else after his owner went to jail and there was no one to care for him.



    5/22/15 Opie was adopted!


    April 16, 2015


    A great big THANKS to the Kathryn Clark Foundation & Patty Thomas for helping us be able to place Noble into a terrific foster home! He will have plenty of green grass, lots of grooming & care & all the love he truly deserves. Pictured here with his new foster mom Andrea Brownstein! What a LUCKY horse!


    2/24/16-Noble was adopted!

    April 15, 2015


    Meet Marty! This adorable little guy was found as a stray in WV about two weeks ago. The finders kept him, reported him to their local shelter but no one claimed him. He was not using one of his hind legs so they turned him over to a local rescue group (Potomac Highlands Animal Rescue- PHAR) PHAR has worked with MHF for over 20 years and they always call us when they have an animal that needs extensive or emergency veterinary care. MHF agreed to take Marty in. He was immediately driven to the Leesburg Veterinary Hospital where Dr. Michael Strickland determined that he had an old dislocated hip and would need a FHO (femural head osteotomy) surgery right away. Marty did really well for the surgery & everyone at Leesburg Vet fell in love! Marty is now recovering really well & he will be available for adoption very soon. Marty is another example of the great things that MHF does all because of YOUR support! Thanks again for helping us help them.



    5/5/15 Marty has been adopted!

    April 15, 2015


    These two best friends are in need of a life long home OR a foster home! Their mom had to move to Africa and MHF took them in because they are special needs.... Buddy, the little white maltese mix is a diabetic. He is doing great but must have his insulin injections twice a day. Bella, his girlfriend is a little pistol! She is a wonderful little girl once she trusts you but, she is a Chihuahua who feels she rules the world & must protect her best friend Buddy! They are very clean, house-trained, love belly rubs and they love to play with toys. MHF will pay for all medical & food if we can find a foster. Please go to our website if you are interested in adoption or if you can help by fostering... please call & we can further discuss. MHF (540) 364-3272


    6/17/15 Bella was adopted!

    April 10, 2015


    Last night 6 babies were born to a cat that is part of a colony in our TNR (trap/neuter-spay/return) program.  Thank you to Channing for fostering them for us!  The mom will stay until the kittens are old enough to be weaned.  Then she will be spay and returned to her colony.  The kittens (Peter, Bobby, Greg, Jan, Marsha, & Cindy) will be placed for adoption once they are 7 weeks old.  The momma cat was even kind enough to take on little orphan Henry that was found yesterday.


    Update: Momma cat is also taking care of one of the 7 kittens (Bashful) that was on the smaller side and needed a little extra TLC.



    7/25/15 Peter & Jan have been adopted!

    8/1/15 Bobby & Marsha have been adopted!

    9/5/15 Cindy was adopted!

    10/11/15 Greg was adopted!


    April 9, 2015


    Today, kitten season officially began at MHF! The first kitten of the season (Easter) was found in the middle of a large 300-acre field all alone and screaming. She is about 4 weeks old. The second kitten (Henry) came in this afternoon. He was found all alone in a barn and was freezing cold. Luckily they found him when they did! Henry is about 10 days old and is starting to perk up now that he had some fluids and is warming up on a heating pad.


    5/22/15 Easter was adopted!

    6/21/15 Henry, who turned out to be Henrietta, was adopted!


    April 7, 2015


    "Noble" had his teeth floated by Graham Alcock today. Thanks to Graham who has donated his services to us for many many years... great horse dentist & great guy! Noble was the perfect gentlemen.... such a nice temperament this horse has! Graham has aged him at 11-12 years of age. Now, we REALLY need a foster situation for him as he will blossom on good pasture. Please call if you could allow this guy to pasture with you for a few months. Then once he has gained his weight etc., we will be able to make him available for adoption! Thanks again for everyone's support!


    2/24/16-Noble was adopted!


    April 7, 2015


    "Noble"s first bath at MHF! So far, so good with this handsome guy. He is very easy to work with & is eating well.



    2/24/16-Noble was adopted!



    March 31, 2015


    Titan was transferred to MHF from Potomac Highlands Animal Rescue (PHAR).


    March 30, 2015


    MHF took in this lovely young gentleman today.... He appears to be about 6 years old, 16+H gelding, has 3 racing plates on, his legs are surprisingly clean, he is very very thin and has many scars & wounds. We will look into his tattoo to see if we can come up with any racing history on him. He came form Southern VA where he was sold to a horse trader with a group of other horses in poor condition. This guy was then put out to pasture for the past two weeks without any care. He is one lucky horse to now be with MHF as we will take excellent care of him & provide him with life long protection though our Equine Adoption Program once he is healthier. Thanks for helping us help them.

    April 3, 2015

    We are happy to announce the WINNER of the "Name our New Horse" contest! We had 66 name entries with favorites such as Easter & Walnut but the staff here at the shelter voted and the winner name is....... "NOBLE!"  This name was first posted by: Lynne Rose Galbreath! Congratulations!!!

    Thanks to everyone for the name suggestions!



    2/24/16-Noble was adopted!


    March 22, 2015


    These 3 adorable puppies (Abe, Lincoln, & Harriet) were brought in by a volunteer. They were found abandoned on the side of a road. Thanks to Christine, Channing, & Katie for fostering them for us!



    All 3 have been adopted!  2 were adopted by their foster families.

    March 21, 2015


    Hilleary was at the Virginia Federation of Humane Society Conference today when a young couple showed up with a dog that needed a home. Because they were losing their home, the future of the dog was uncertain. She is a lovely dog named Bella. She rode home in the back seat of the truck.



    6/27/15 Bella was adopted!


    March 20, 2015


    Hope had her first acupuncture today and she was such a good patient! She got another intense exam and is doing great! Next Friday, she will get another acupuncture treatment. A big thanks to Dr. Makosky!



    8/1/15 Hope has been adopted!


    March 16, 2015


    This kitty was found by our Animal Care Manager in her driveway. She was very thin & hungry. We named her Fran and she seems very sweet.



    5/20/15 Fran was adopted!

    March 11, 2015


    Annie was found near the shelter as a stray.  Despite our search efforts, no owner has been found.  Unfortunately, being found so close to the shelter there is a possibility that she was abandoned. She seems very affectionate and smart. She likes to hide treats and she will pick up her blankets and move them to wherever she wants to lay.



    5/22/15 Annie was adopted!

    March 11, 2015


    Libby came to MHF after she was found living as a stray on our Shelter Manager's mountain.  She is a sweet girl with tons of energy!



    6/13/15 Libby was adopted!

    March 6, 2015


    This sweet girl named Lola is our newest arrival.  She was given up after her family determined their home was too dangerous for Lola.  They didn't have a secure fenced in yard so she kept escaping onto the highway next to their home and chasing vehicles.



    7/25/15 Lola was adopted!

    February 25, 2015


    Hope is doing GREAT! She has to wear a diaper as she is incontinent. This is likely due to a problem in her spine but it hasn't slowed her down at all. She keeps it on well, and so far, pretty easy to maintain. She is LOVING LIFE here at MHF: soaking up all of the love & affection and she adores her turtle toy! We still have a bit more medical work up to do on her but its looking like she will be able to be available for adoption as a special needs gal in the near future.... this is one SPECIAL pup!



    8/1/15 Hope has been adopted!



    February 24, 2015


    Three adorable puppies were transferred to MHF today from Potomac Highlands Animal Rescue: Hunter, Nala, & Shyne.



    3/14/15-Nala was adopted!

    3/21/15-Hunter was adoped!

    February 23, 2015


    Laila the goat is inside this week as she isn't responding as well to the supportive treatment as the other goats. She is eating as well as drinking water with molasses. We are waiting for blood work results to see how her treatment protocol needs to be adjusted.


    February 18, 2015


    Hope wanted us to let you all know that she hasn't felt this good in a long time! Hope is now playful & loves the snow & her toys. Our Certified Pet Trainer, Genevieve, gave her an interactive food toy which she figured out very quickly. She is going to see Dr. Leslie Sinn tomorrow for another physical exam to take a closer look at her eyes, do a behavioral evaluation, and to see if we can figure out why she is incontinent.... Keep your fingers crossed for this gal as she still has a ways to go but we are happy that she is now feeling really well! A great big THANKS to Dr. Sinn for donating her time & services.... we truly appreciate everyone's support. Hugs from Hope & everyone at MHF!



    8/1/15 Hope has been adopted!

    February 14, 2015


    Meet our newest pup Shiloh. This happy little guy REALLY loves people! He would prefer to sit on your lap than do just about anything else! He likes dogs and cats, but especially loves people! Shiloh is extremely affectionate and absolutely hilarious when he plays with his toys and chases after balls.



    3/3/15-Shiloh was adopted!

    February 13, 2015


    Dixie was signed over to MHF by the same family that found Axel abandoned. Very pretty Dixie has a very expressive face, you can always tell what she is thinking. She is slow to get to know you, but once she does, she is really excited to see you and is very affectionate. She’s great on a lead and is just getting to know everyone at the shelter.



    9/19/15-Dixie was adopted!


    February 13, 2015


    Hope update: We have had some difficult struggles with our dear Hope. She began to exhibit some unusual behavior last week so back to the hospital she went. It seems to come & go... Our veterinarians are still unsure of what is going on. We are now waiting for some lab-work to rule out a handful of infectious disease processes that would cause these behaviors. She is also incontinent. BUT, she does feel and look a ton better! Right now she is on supportive care & big gun antibiotics. We are also lining up a behavioral evaluation with Dr. Leslie Sinn ( terrific veterinarian who specializes in animal behavior). We also will have her eyes examined more thoroughly. We are doing our best & she is enjoying her clean comfy cage, rawhide bones, lots of love & yummy food. We promise to keep you all informed as we get more information.... Hope is in good hands and we will give her the best chance possible. Thanks SO much for your support!



    8/1/15 Hope has been adopted!

    February 7, 2015


    Heidi was originally rescued from a puppy mill.  Then she spent the next 6 1/2 years bouncing around from home to home.  Heidi is so incredibly cute and sweet, we just can't imagine why no one has kept her.  She is a great little dog and just enjoys hanging out in the office with us.



    3/7/15- Heidi was adopted!

    February 5, 2015


    Hope says Hi- I'm feeling better & better every day!



    8/1/15 Hope has been adopted!


    February 4, 2015


    Hope update- day 4: Hope is so much stronger today & feeling a ton better! She now has a wet cough so we were instructed to add another antibiotic to her treatment protocol. She is eating really well & loves attention & toys. Hope is wearing diapers to help keep her clean. This will be temporary as she is being treated for a heavy giardia infection. We are changing her diaper every two hours as well as tending to her pressure sores and scalded rear end. She had another physical last night and it appears that all of her issues are from chronic neglect so, again, fingers crossed that she will continue to improve! She just can't believe her luck to have ended up here at MHF where she finally feels warm and loved by many.



    8/1/15 Hope has been adopted!

    February 3, 2015


    We took in 4 pygmy goats that has been attacked by dogs or coyotes..... 2 are in rough shape & 2 are OK. The owners had no money to provide veterinary care and were concerned about keeping them safe, so they turned them over to MHF. The goats are not in good body condition/ are very parasite ridden/ anemic so they may not have survived the winter even if they hadn't been injured so, good thing they came to MHF! A great big THANKS to Dr. Beth Eichberger for providing pain management, wound care & medications today. They are now resting comfortably & seem to like their new hang with cushy straw & a heat lamp!



    9/16/15 The goats were adopted together!

    February 1, 2015


    "Hope" - Day 2: She spent the night in intensive care at a local veterinary emergency hospital. Our wonderful volunteer Debbie picked her up this morning and she is now back at MHF. Her vet bill was fairly huge- even with a very good discount. We had to do radiographs & bloodwork to see if we could even try to save her. After ruling out life threatening diseases, she then needed intensive supportive care. The Doctors are very optimistic that she will survive! So far it appears that she was simply starved and deprived of care... causing her immune system to become compromised... she was truly dying. Hope is so debilitated that it will take a while for her to completely bounce back. She has youth on her side as she looks to be only about 8-12 months old. The good news is that she feels a ton better today! She is eating, is warm & responding to love & affection. We promise to take extra good care of her and give her the best chance possible. Again, thanks for everyones support! Please remember that MHF does not receive any county or state funding. We depend solely on donations from individuals & businesses! Hugs & licks!!!



    8/1/15 Hope has been adopted!

    January 31, 2015


    Today's rescue: This beautiful young Bull Dog was transferred to MHF from a county shelter. Someone had left her in their outdoor pen on Thursday night and the county shelter workers found her on Friday morning. She was covered in feces, emaciated, had open sores on her rear end and was vomiting. A MHF staff person went to the shelter today and saw this very sick dog and knew that this dog needed immediate vet care. They turned her over to MHF. We named her "Hope". Hope was immediately driven to an emergency veterinary hospital. Her physical exam, chest films & blood-work show that she has a raging upper respiratory infection, sarcoptic mange, is malnourished, dehydrated, and anemic. Hope is now hospitalized and on IV fluids, IV antibiotics and supportive care. Fingers crossed for this gal as she is very very debilitated. Thank you for supporting MHF and helping us help her. We simply could not do this wonderful work with out your support!



    8/1/15 Hope has been adopted!

    January 22, 2015


    Jonesy (left) & Maddox (right)

    Both kitties arrived at MHF on January 22nd. Jonesy was found in the shelter parking lot, so we believe he was abandoned.



    2/6/15 Maddox has been adopted!

    2/7/15 Jonesy has been adopted!


    January 20, 2015


    Seven-year-old Sparky had been with one family his entire life. His mom had surgery and his dad thought she would no longer be able to care for Sparky.  He took Sparky to a shelter in West Virginia which was very scary and confusing for Sparky.  He wasn’t adapting well, and was transferred to MHF.

    January 13, 2015


    These adorable kitties (Larry, Moe, & Curly) were transferred to MHF from Fauquier SPCA. They are frightened and need extra handling that FSPCA was not able to provide due to the large number of felines currently in their care .  Many of our wonderful volunteers have been helping with their socialization.



    2/12/15-Moe has been adopted! He will be living with kitten Maddox!

    3/25/15-Larry has been adopted!

    January 13, 2015


    This baby kitten was also transferred from Fauquier SPCA.  Poor little Tobias does not have eyelids, so MHF took him in to provide the extra care he needs.  He receives daily eye ointment to keep them moist. Once he is grown, he will be reevaluated to see if any type of corrective surgery can be done for his eyes. He is very sweet and full of personality!



    2/25/16- One year later- Tobias has been adopted!!!

    January 9, 2015


    This poor gal came to us with a badly injured & infected front leg. It appears that her leg was caught in a trap- or something that was wrapped tightly... Sadly we cannot save her leg. She is on antibiotics, soaking of the foot, and pain management. She is scheduled to have her leg amputated on Wednesday. Her name is Callie and she adores children and has lived on a farm with lots of other animals. Callie is a young adult who is a big healthy gal (11 pounds!) & very pretty. Because she will now be a tri-pod kitty, she will need an indoor only home. Cats are stressed when having to live in cages at shelters so they are much happier & heal better when in a home environment. Please contact us if you are interested in adopting her as we would love to get her out of the shelter soon after surgery. Thank you for helping us help animals like Callie have a second chance at a happy & healthy life. We simply could not do it without each & everyone of you! Best wishes for 2015!



    Callie's amputation went well.  She is learning how to get around and will even stand on her back legs to play.  She is now available for adoption.


    April 18, 2015

    Callie has been adopted!

    January 6, 2015


    Oreo Update: It is getting close to 3 weeks since Oreo's surgery. He still needs lots of rest and he cannot wait until he's able to go on walks again.



    2/14/15-Oreo has been adopted!

    January 2, 2015


    Riley came to MHF through a single mom who, in order to afford sending her daughter to college, had to move.  The only place she found in her budget would not allow pets.  Riley is a very sweet girl and is available for adoption.



    2/14/15 Riley has been adopted!



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